Tuesday, 15 July 2014

UKIP Members Brand YI Conference 'Sinister'

#ThingsElliottSays has a lot of friends in Young Independence, UKIP's youth wing which is more usually known as YI. One of the sources has just sent me this.

Yes that is right YI members think their own conference is 'sinister'. I wonder if this is because of Jack Duffin's* near tyrannical attempt to rid YI of anyone who isn't a social conservative or some darker scandal. #ThingsElliottSays' source confirms the former. "This chap [Timothy Mather] hits the nail on the head. YI and it's conference have become 'sinister' under Duffin. He is ruining the YI of Harry Aldridge where we actually had fun. Now we risk being virtually bullied out of the party if YI members don't do exactly what 'sinister' Duffin wants. YI conference is just a place for Duffin and cronies to plan who to force out next."

Jack Duffin and co. 

YI has been losing a lot of its core membership of late, and noticeably from what is left of the 'libertarian' wing. Sanya-Jeet Thand, UKIP's 'ethnic minority poster girl', left the party a few months ago. Rob Comely, a former YI chairman, resigned and then re-joined UKIP again after being talked back in. The rumours are in YI that Thand and Comley were both in at least part pushed out by Duffin. Maybe there is something 'sinister' going on at this conference.

Duffin looking not at all sinister.

Then there is another issue. Is YI a 'frat club' wearing 'pinstriped suits and brylcreem'? Not very 'people's army' is it? YI is apparently very cliquey and getting in with the young kippers has become harder under Duffin (see above). But isn't it odd for all the claims of Nigel, who went to Dulwich, that YI has lost all connection to real people. YI seems to be completely out of touch with its members too.

YI completely out of touch with its own members.

Another YI source has told me that 'YI is having it's heart ripped out. Who wants to join YI now.' Maybe there is some truth in that? UKIP have just lost 7% of their vote this week according to ICM.

*The YI youth leader who rigged his own election (with NEC help).


  1. This article is literally all rubbish.

    And clearly more people want to join YI than want to join the CF, seeing as we're the quickest growing youth wing in the country.. and you're not.

  2. @Anonymous (too scared to put a name to your comment, like most liars and cowards) calls the article "rubbish" despite his comment being perfect spin of its own. If a group had a million members and increased it by 1000 it would have only managed 1% growth. if another group had two members and gained a third, it would have managed 50% growth. The group with three members would be the "fastest growing" by miles and miles. Which group is actually more significant? :)

  3. Literally one person didn't know what a 'training day' in the political sense was, and suddenly 'YI members think their own conference is 'sinister''.