Thursday, 24 July 2014

Exclusive: Nadim Muslim Stands Down As Trent CF Chairman

Chairman of Nottingham Trent University, Nadim Muslim, has announced that he has stood down. Nadim set up Nottingham Trent CF branch and has had a very successful time when running it for two non consecutive terms.

Nadim said in a letter of resignation that "Albeit reluctantly, I am sad to be leaving this great branch behind due to graduation today (23/07/14). The society has grown from strength to strength since I founded the association with help from great members. It has been an honour to work with such talented and passionate people."

Nadim out with NUCA and Andrew Lewer MEP during the Newark by-election.

Nadim has been at the forefront of campaigning and has set up great speaker events and pint and policies. He has managed to forge a good relationship with Trent CF and Emma McClarkin MEP, who he helped out massively to get re-elected. Nadim has also been very helpful in the election campaign of Jane Hunt, the Conservative MP candidate for Nottingham South. Jane said to Nadim that "Congratulations upon your graduation yesterday Nadim and many, many thanks for all you have done for the Conservatives in Nottingham."

Nadim at the funeral of Baroness Thatcher.

Nadim's presence will also be missed by those in NUCA. Nadim has forged a 'special-relationship' between NUCA and NTUCF and this will certainly continue into the future. Nadim has said exclusively to #ThingsElliottSays "I've had some amazing experiences with some great people, especially from NUCA. Definitely enjoyed the port!" #ThingsElliottSays very much enjoyed Nadim's presence at Port and Policies but does  remember the time he argued to 'deport Jordan Brown.'

Alex Bright the NUCA President has said "As well as being a true friend, I would like to thank him on behalf of NUCA for playing a crucial role in building and strengthening a strong working relationship between the two societies, which I'm sure will endure. Nadim, you'll always be welcome at NUCA and we hope that you'll continue to join us at our events throughout the forthcoming year."

Nadim, Emma McClarkin MEP and Clara

Nadim thanked all those who had helped him and Trent CF over the years. James Poland, Amy Atkinson, Luc Chignell, Ben Howlett, Clara Boyland, Ollie Saddington and Giuliano Pisarski all got a special mention is Nadim's letter.* He will be missed, although #ThingsElliottSays still expects to see him around.

Ollie Saddington takes over as interim-chair of Trent CF.

*Shame there wasn't a mention of the TCO for Nottingham South.

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