Saturday, 30 March 2013


You may have noticed I have done a lot of blog posts today. Why may you ask? Well I'm off to Rome to go see the sights and become all Roman. I love the Romans and so will look forward to it. Unfortunately for you, although there is a computer in the place I am staying, I will not be posting that often if at all.

I shall be seeing all the sights from the Coliseum to a 5th century underground ossuary, built when the monks of Rome decided to collect 10,000 skulls of their deceased brothers and dressed some in clothes. Interesting stuff.

My favourite Roman Emperor is Hadrian. He stopped imperial expansion leaving a huge but stable empire so that he was able to preside over growth in the Roman economy. He also made sure the rest of the second century had firm political governance by appointing two very strong heirs. The blemishes to his name were massacring thousands of Jews in Jerusalem after they rebelled against him, at this time the Jews were very rebellious.

If I see some riots because the Italian economy is down with that of Greece I'll try do a story on it. If not I may go back 2000 years and do some Roman Politics.

So that's it for a while. Please vote in the poll on the side and keep reading when I return. Vale!

Sarah Jane Says Thanks

Sarah Jane Sewell wants to say something.

Well done Sarah Jane from #thingselliottsays

Labour's #HomelessTax

Today 1000s of Labour party members, members of the SWP and many receiving a housing subsidy in some form or another are out on the streets. There aren't that many of them to be fair. Downing Street Received about 1000 people which is pretty pathetic as big protests go and in Doncaster this was the result:

But this 'Bedroom Tax' is probably one of the biggest things Labour have been going on about so far this year. However, there are so many lies about this I want to dispel and show what the #AxeTheBedroomTax actually means.

Firstly, and this is the obvious one, this is NOT a tax. The government is cutting forms of subsidies for rents. Taxation is taking people's money away; cutting subsidies is not giving them the money any more.

Secondly, Labour actually supports this. Labour has come out on a number of occasions and said they will support a Bedroom Tax if they win in 2015. They are just kicking up a fuss. It's this sort of two faced politics that actually discredits their party even more. I'm not surprised that polls actually show support for the so called 'Bedroom Tax'.

Lastly, forgetting that Labour supports the 'Bedroom Tax' itself, what they are actually doing is creating a #HomlessTax. They are forcing an estimated 53,660 households* to be homeless.  They are forcing hundreds of thousands of people to pay to live in temporary accommodation and are thus, if we use Labour lingo, taxing them. We have a housing crisis in this country because the last Labour government built less than 20,000 new homes from 1997 to 2010, a disgraceful record. The coalition is now stepping up this rate of production and is getting on with the job of looking after those who are homeless. One of the methods to help ease the temporary pressure is to encourage through removing the subsidies people to move. This is not new it was a Labour initiative in the 1960s to do Council Housing swaps if too few people lived in a house, this is encouraging precisely this.

What Labour are doing is telling Hundreds of Thousands people that they are not going to get homes to live in and they must suffer their #HomlessTax. This is all whilst people there are people living in council houses with unfilled rooms. If they owned their own houses fine, it's private property and they can do what they like. But as we are paying for them to live with extra space in a crisis situation they should muck in and help or take the hit.

Start Trending Labour's #HomlessTax because that is what they are really doing. 

Hundreds of Thousands of people are homeless in the UK if the Government didn't take action they will remain so.

* Figures from the Department of Communities and Local Government.

I'm Voting for Steve

Got this in the post today.

I am voting for my good friend and sound Conservative Cllr Steve Tierney. Steve is one of the best Councillors Cambridgeshire has and represents his division well. Steve is in the elite group of councillors who go above and beyond holding surgeries every month and getting involved in everything going on. He must be re-elected on May 2nd. see to see what he does.


Well lots of Love for Alexander Boris De Pfeffel Johnson today. Only 10% of people who voted in the poll thought he'd be any good as PM. Inspiring for the man who people would associate as the most keen at this moment to take over from his good friend Dave. Also the turnout was very poor, come on chaps let's get this higher next time. Here are the full results:

  1 (10%)
  9 (90%)
  0 (0%)

Poll Result another blow to Boris' campaign to become PM

So what do I think about BoJo. Well I think he is actually fairly competent as a person. He may seem care free and a mess but I think in reality he's a lot more serious. Boris is an excellent Mayor of London, no doubt about it he is able in quite a left-wing city to make it Conservative led. Boris is great at uniting the city and has great policies.

My issue with Boris as PM is that he is not very different from Dave, in some areas like an amnesty for illegal immigrants he should be with the liberal democrats. Boris is probably more euro-sceptic but where it really matters on the economy there would be very little change. The only reason why the so called Tory 'Right' want Boris in is to get rid of Dave. After this there would be a chance of having a 'real' Conservative as leader. I think that's a stupid plan with too many things able to go wrong risking our country's economy massively. Also any idea of just making Boris PM because he is popular is even worse, it would degrade our party to a celebrity catwalk.

"When will I be PM?"

Boris please be Mayor forever but I can't support you to be PM.

In other news did you see the BBC Documentary on Boris. It was fairly good

Vote in the next poll.


For an Aspiration Nation.

Friday, 29 March 2013


Yesterday was the North East Cambridgeshire Conservative Association (known as NECCA for most) AGM. Notable attendees were Steve Barclay MP, who gave in my opinion the best speech he has ever done, and David Campbell Bannerman MEP. I'd like to recall David Campbell Bannerman's speech as it shows why UKIP are 'not a serious party'.

DCB used to be a Tory before 2004 until he was convinced to join UKIP in order to fight the undemocratic political monolith of the EU. Indeed he stood as their leader and wrote the 2010 general election manifesto. However he said his heart was never in UKIP and rejoined the Tories in 2011 because it was the only way to get things done in this country and has a good party structure.

DCB believes that the Conservatives may be doing badly now but as soon as the 2014 EU elections come the message of an in out referendum will be more important and lead to a surge for us. UKIP scores well on the issue of immigration but no longer has any lead on who is best for the country regarding the EU. The public perception is slowly being broken down by their MEPs not representing the UK voting the wrong way on votes for the financial transaction tax and for a cut in the EU Budget. In my opinion UKIP doesn't do a very good job in the EU parliament although the message of Euro-scepticism sent by the 2009 elections helped pushed the anti-EU agenda forward.

To David there are four Ps of why UKIP is a very bad party. 1) No Plan- It has no plan to leave the European Union. To leave is a very complicated process and, unlike the Conservatives who are constructing plans on how to do it, UKIP has no clue. 2) No Policies- There is no substance to any of their policies, Nigel Farage deliberately bins all policy substance in favour of buzzwords and good slogans rather than real policies. 3) No MPs- UKIP has currently no MPs and can do nothing. It has, even with defections, such a limited, amount of councillors that it cannot change policy on a local level. This will not change by 2015. 4) No Participation- As I've mentioned earlier UKIP MPs are idle and vote against the UK's interests on the financial transaction tax and the like. They are throwing barriers against their own ideals. To me its seems almost deliberate trying to stop the Conservatives being victorious.

DCB is full of optimism. The Conservatives will get a majority in 2015 as the countries mood will have changed. Also Nigel doesn't like the General Election, he cares only for Europe and having to fight it is expensive and burns lots of money for no seats.

I like David Campbell Bannerman. Like Emma McClarkin, I view him to be a real Tory fighting for our interests unlike one particular Tory MEP who has said to me "we want a Europe where the path to socialism is slowed, we can never stop it and we must follow on." I hope real Conservatives win in 2014 and not those who should be in the Liberal Democrats.

Wisbech St Mary Byelection- Lessons Learned

Yesterday I was helping out all day at the Wisbech St Mary District by-election, a two member ward in which one position was up for election. This by-election occurred due to the sad dead of Cllr Robert Scrimshaw who I knew reasonably well and helped get elected in 2011. These were the candidates:

I walked loads and knocked on so many doors across the whole area. I also did 3 hours of telling at the most boring of times of lunch and early in the morning. I probably saw about 10 people. However, we worked hard on the campaign and beforehand Cllrs like Sam Hoy, Will Sutton and Steve Tierney were about on the streets of the area. So these were the results.

David Broker (Conservative)-  384 (44.9%)
Maria Goldspink (English Democrat)- 33 (3.71%)
Mary Lane (Liberal Democrat)- 240 (27.5%)
Alan Lay (UKIP)- 214 (24.5%)

The turnout was 22.8%; which is good for a local by-election, especially considering the coldness. Well done to David Broker who will make an excellent councillor. 

So what does this tell us. Well a few things. Firstly last time we had an election the Lib Dems got one seat and the Conservatives the other. But Labour also stood in that election and got a substantial part of the vote. We were at first worried that the Labour voters could go Lib Dem and then beat us. Obviously this didn't happen as they voted UKIP.

Also the Lib Dem portion of the vote decreased notably. This was especially so in the village of Parsons Drove, a Lib Dem stronghold. We believe that we beat the Lib Dems, by about 3 votes, in Parsons Drove from provisional vote counting we did during the verification. Some of the Lib Dem voters turned to UKIP, as they vote only to protest. This must worry the Lib Dems, especially in South Cambridgeshire where the Liberals are strong.

Lib Dem Cllr Gavin Booth (who is very nice) and great Tory Cllr Will Sutton

Also notably the Conservative vote held up very well. There were few if any changes to UKIP because we ran a very good campaign in which we leafleted every single house and canvassed most of them. We ran with the line of voting for UKIP is one step back as the Tories are the only party who can deliver nationally on Europe, Immigration and locally for better local government. This clearly went down very well. UKIP voters were mostly Labour and Lib Dems.

This may not be repeated elsewhere, this is my caveat as everywhere is different, but this gives hope. If the Conservatives run decent campaigns then we can beat UKIP and sustain our vote. Always engage well with the electorate.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The EU Strikes Back

Oh great. Remember how David Cameron negotiated a 3.3% cut to the EU budget instead of the proposed 2.4% increase. Well it seems that the EU has been trying to unravel all Dave's hard work and they are coming closer by the day. Clearly they want to keep their solid gold pensions and all the perks that go with the job.

So what's been going on? Well fairly recently the EU parliament, including UKIP, voted against the budget cut. This means that the 3.3% cut has not yet been approved so the cut itself rests in the balance.

President of the EU Parliament Martin Schulz is not happy about the budget cut. He may have to move out of his 18th century Mansion with it's fine tapestries.

An amending budget must now be passed to cover the costs of 2012 which the UK will have to pay £1.2 billion. This is more than Mrs Thatcher ever asked or got for her rebate. Of course the Government is going to fight massively against this, but the struggle will be very hard. This budget can be amended by a majority of member states countries and is subjected to no veto. Essentially David Cameron is going to have to convince a majority of countries that there needs to be a cut to the EU budget now.

In my opinion this could be possible. Cameron did convince Germany to back the proposed budget cut to the EU after much negotiating which gives the proposals much clout over other countries. This will not stop socialist states like France though for they have argued in favour of the 2.4% increase because they want more money from CAP. The Commission however has also been lobbying hard for £9 billion extra for 'cohesion' within Europe. It will still be a hard fight.

Both Merkel and Cameron: This is how big the EU budget should be.

So yet again the EU Commission and the ex (but not reformed) Euro-Communists are trying to stop any sort of change to their monstrous institution. The more we hear about what exactly the EU does the more I hope the British public are closer to voting no in a referendum.

Forget Miliband

Yesterday David Miliband resigned as MP for South Shields. Interesting stuff considering how the public like him more the Ed. But why are the Tories that interested by it? The best they can hope for is a UKIP win in a safe Labour seat? There is another corner of the country to be looking at.

Do you know this man. This is the Lib Dem MP for Portsmouth South, Mike Hancock. His hands are his problem as he has self confessed to being 'inappropriate', in similar circumstances to the way Lord Rennard has been in trouble, to a mentally ill constituent. But this isn't the first case of  his wondering hands (see Guido Fawkes for all the details). Mike Hancock is also a Councillor for Portsmouth and yesterday a committee decided that there needed to be an independent investigation by a lawyer into Mr Hancock and his actions. It's not likely to go well and it may cost him his job, although this inquiry is going to take at least 2 months.

So what does this mean. A very likely by-election in a Con-LibDem marginal. No chance for Labour again and hopefully UKIP will be less dominant when the issue comes to a head. The Tories do have more of a presence here too with the odd Tory councillors in the constituency and actually a local branch that seems fairly active from looking on the Conservative Party website (see Although on the other hand there is a higher mountain to climb than in Eastleigh when it comes to numbers (5000 not 3500).

So don't look to South Shields, watch with some interest what is going on in Portsmouth.


Do you remember the Big Picture from last week. No, well you're in luck because the podcast is up on the URN website. We discussed the Cyprus Levy, Press Regulation and Pope Francis. Interesting stuff. This is most certainly worth a listen

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Getting Control

Trouble has been brewing on the UK's borders for years and now Mrs May, Queen of Fashion, is going to sort it out.

'Thunderbirds are Go!'

Well this is at least the plan. The Border Agency is seemingly the worst of all parts of government. They can't use a computer, they lose more people than the population of Iceland and are dysfunctional at the best of times. The UK's borders were better protected and worked more efficiently when the 'real' staff were on strike and the people checking your passport were civil servants from No.10. Also they don't know how many immigrants now live in Britain. They predict it to be 312,726 at the end of September last year but they actually believe it to be massively more than this.

So soon the Border Agency will be no more. Theresa May will incorporate it in to the Home Office. I think this is a god idea although it will be hard.

Mrs May has done well in the Home Office, one of the many successes of this government. But she has also dealt with the biggest headaches with Abu Qatada and Abu Hamza. But she has got somewhere deporting Hamza and coming fairly close to Qatada, hopefully there will be some success there soon. She has also been a great critic of the Border Agency forcing change by sacking the former chief Brodie Clark for relaxing border checks. Furthermore she is there to stop Ken Clarke making sure that we are always a part of the ECHR, a British Bill of Rights is a much better way of going around things. I think she will be fairly successful in what she does.

Clarke v May

However, this is an odd thing to do. She is now personally taking control of the UKs borders. Immigration is of course a big issue in Britain. The government has had recent success in the area. Perhaps Mrs May wants some of the credit? I think this is a good way of securing our borders, on paper at least, but I wonder if there isn't some personal motivation.

Mrs May sporting the recent Rag Doll costume

Monday, 25 March 2013

Exclusive: Ben Howlett Reacts to Cooper Win

#ThingsElliottSays brings you the news of what Ben Howlett has to say about Oliver Cooper's election victory.

Courtesy of Guido Fawkes.



Useful if you have just been elected as a CF officer. Lots of pennies saved for Oli, Rob, Ben and Sarah Jane Seawall.

#CFelects Results

The results are coming in for the CF elections:

Chairman- Oliver Cooper

Deputy Chair (political)- Rob Manning

Deputy Chair (membership)- Sarah Jane Sewell

Best Practice- Ben Corbridge

#ThingsElliottSays wishes you the best and gives the new officers full support. I will be updating this continually.



National Chairman
Oliver Cooper 443 (Elected)
James Deighton 81
Paul Holmes 222

Deputy Chairman (Political)
Charlotte Argyle 216
Kris Burnett 47
Stephen Canning 132
Robert Manning 248 (Elected)

Deputy Chairman (Membership)
Jasmine Rahman 181
Sarah-Jane Sewell 243 (Elected)
Ellie Vesey-Thompson 213

Appointed Officer (Best Practice Officer)
John Cope 201
Ben Corbridge 215 (Elected)
Simon Harley 167

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Weekly Poll Lowdown

So David Cameron can sleep easier in his bed tonight knowing that the Party aren't going to kick him out just yet. 58% of you voted for him to stay as leader but 41% think he should go, a very sizeable minority. Also worth noting is that some people changed their votes during the time the poll was going.

 13 (41%)
  18 (58%)
  0 (0%)

I did this poll to find out what people think of the leadership at the moment. The general trend is not looking good. A week ago the leadership of the party were hitting a massive low with the disappointment of going nowhere economically. But I think it's picking up again after a ok budget, so far (fingers crossed), which had some good tax cuts in certain areas. I still think people are unhappy with the economic direction of the policies of not cutting the debt and the deficit going up this year.

On Dave's leadership it's looking sticky at the moment, it could either way for him this year, especially from a poll result like this. In this poll Cameron was very close to a second round with not getting 15% more than the other candidate, at least that was the old system. If something like that were to happen then it would be crippling for him and he wouldn't survive.

But actually getting rid of Dave would be very hard to do and do lots of damage to the Party. The damage would be just a bit less than the problems the Conservatives had during the 1990s.

Please vote in the next poll. 

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Budgie

It's budget day, and now the dust is beginning to settle let me tell you what I thought about it. George Osborne has done an alright job but don't let it cover up the underlying message is that Britain is not in great shape.

First the Good Stuff. The TPA must be pleased as they can now change their hashtag to #mashedbeertax with the alcohol escalator now axed. Sin taxes never bring in any money so just let people drink what they want. Good news for York University as their Hagueathon (an attempt to drink 14 pints like William Hague) is now 55p cheaper*. Also petrol is not going to be put up. Horray!! It is 15p cheaper to fill up under this government than it would be if Labour were still power. There is a continued Capital Gains Tax holiday. There are quite a few things to like.

Also there is this:

But now the overall picture of the British economy. Well borrowing is going to go UP again this year, oh dear. By 2017/2018 this country's debt will stand at 85% of GDP!!!!!!! Also growth is predicted to be just 0.6% this year, not very good either. Makes you wonder whether Mervyn King is right when he says 'there is underlying growth in the economy'. There are also no net cuts again. This is the worst bit as we are cutting £2.5 billion from department budgets to spend on programmes that are not needed. This is so stupid it's unbelievable, all wasted on projects like HS2 that make no money. What a loss.

So overall. We have No Net Cuts. No huge tax cuts. But we do have some good things on the side which may make a difference. Mind you the average family is still £700 better off than under Labour.

Also wait till next week. By then Labour may have picked out a sex tax or something.

*I would like to point out this is NUCA's idea first with the campus 14.


Well it’s that time of the week again and we are going to be debating several things on the political radio show The Big Picture on URN. Please listen in. I am putting this up a few minutes before we start, at 6pm.

Up for debate tonight is the Cyprus and its slow destruction, the new Pope and the new Leveson rules.

You can send it texts to our show on the URN homepage and are able to listen to us on there too. Here is the link


It's official 1/8 of my viewers are Americans. Hello conservatives over the pond, but don't say your Republican here you'll find yourself in a room with the SWP and all those other monarchist haters. So let's have an American story for our friends over the Atlantic.

Barack Obama has decided after a 5 year wait to visit Israel, which is a very long time considering Israel and America have 'an unbreakable alliance'. However I'm not surprised.

Obama doesn't like the Israeli's. To him they are just a nuisance as they come with the whole Palestine issue. Despite going there on a mission to try end this problem Obama hasn't done anything about it, despite all the talk that he gives to the subject. Nor does Obama like that Israel are constantly being attacked because it means that America has to support them. It's not like Israel is an island of true liberal democracy and every other country around it is ruled by despots in the area. Obama's own hand on Iran is also very weak and the Israeli government is constantly showing him up by taking a hard stance against Iran's nuclear weapons programme, which consequently forces the hand of the President to do something.

Obama has never been hot on foreign policy. In some ways he has just continued off from Bush with drone strikes and the like. But in others he seems to have no real idea of what to do like with Iran, Israel, Egypt, Syria and so on. The whole Middle East is a problem triangle and no one expects him to solve it, although from the hype about his first election you would have expected so. However, he is not really defending America's actual interests very well. It seems Obama wants an easy life not getting involved in areas he should. This coupled with his personal hatred of his 'real' allies like Britain and Israel means he is not very good at having friends on the world stage, it seems like us and the Israeli's support the US out of tradition rather than for the President now.

In other news Obama has a new TV career as the Devil. I wonder where he gets the spare time?

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Legal Issues

So now the government, which is supposed to be Tory led (but this seems to have escaped the Conservatives around the Cabinet), are now going to end freedom of the press we may have some legal problems.

Downing Street has said:

“No newspaper or blogger would be forced to join the regulator, the Royal Charter system is a system of incentivisation. However, those ‘relevant publishers’ that choose not to join the regulator would be subject to costs and could be subject to exemplary damages if taken to court. ‘Relevant publishers’ are specifically defined and could include blog sites that are written by multiple authors, have editorial control and are published in the course of business.”

Ian Hislop summed up on the BBC quite well what is actually going on (see  Remember this isn't to prevent crime, we already have laws against phone hacking and the like. This censorship of the press is to stop you finding out about Celebrity Scandals. And who decides what you see? Well seemingly Celebs considering the amount of influence they had in setting it up. 

So like the Spectator we are saying NO! Reminds me of someone. 

Voting Time

Good news Conservatives. I have a ballot paper and the likelihood is you do to. If not contact Alan Mabbutt at . 

So who do you I recommend you vote for. Well I don't do endorsements except for Sarah Jane Sewell, vote for her. Why should you vote for her? Well I think its because she has worked hard and done well this year. Sarah Jane has helped decentralise CF a lot and she knows the problems of not living in London as she set up her own CF branch back home in rural Lincolnshire. Her website is

But what should you look for in any other of the positions. Well firstly it has to be someone who is prepared to come out of London as an officer. Decentralisation is the way forward: it means more members, more events, more fun and hopefully more chance of a Tory majority in 2015. Centralisation may be good for those in London, but there are 600 other seats in Parliament.

Also vote for someone who makes the effort. Have you seen the candidate or heard a lot from them on blogs/people campaigning for them? A non-existent campaign is a sure sign of a non-existent officer.

Good luck to all the candidates and let's hope for a turnout greater than that of last year when the voting size resembled that of an 18th century Rotten-Borough.

Monday, 18 March 2013


Today the government reached a deal so that enshrined in statute is censorship of the press.#ThingsElliottSays disapproves of this as it extends to blogs so no more news stories on things going around the world as newspapers will be restricted in commenting on them. I hope the Conservatives have plans to over turn this in their manifesto as we are the party of Liberty and this is a clear breach of the beliefs of any Conservative. I hope those cowardly Tory MPs who wished to vote for regulation are chastised from the party. They do not represent any core Conservative beliefs by siding with celebrities who just wish for their public (but yet apparently private) lives not to be seen, despite making a career out of doing so. We just have to hope that Hacked Off doesn't see my blog or all of it will be blacked out.

Oli Cooper Opponent's Stoop to New Lows

Today I've been quite outraged and disgusted. This CF election process has gone too far in attacking people personally. Previously attacks on Oliver Cooper have concentrated just on him, but now they have moved to defaming and intimidating people who are deemed, by Oliver's opponents, to have any links to him. It seems the opponents of Oliver Cooper will go to any means.

I got this email yesterday from a one CFSaviour.

I then got in touch with the girl implicated in the email and CFSaviour had sent her this lovely one.

Firstly both these emails could be interpreted as defamatory and could be seen as an attempt at character assassination. The email sent to the girl also indicates several comments made about her on TBG. I have tracked down these comments and, although I will not publish them here as people could identify her, are equally bad and misogynistic. This email shows these traits too and has the 'know your place girl' sort of attitude, something CF should have none of, although something that seems to be apparent in a few groups with in the party.

This is reprehensible bullying of the worst sort and is very low indeed (probably the worst of what has come out of campaign so far). And it's not just this. #ThingsElliottSays has cast iron sources that say that they have been harassed by private numbers for supporting Oliver Cooper in an equally vile and threatening way.

So who did this? well we could not track the IP address of this email as it is protected by hushmail. But whoever they are they don't like the free-market wing of the party, has links to the people who wrote the TBG comments and uses the terms of 'Oily Cooper' in a derogatory way. Obviously this person is rather vile and a bully. Whoever they are, they should stop immediately. It would seem the opponents of Oliver Cooper are becoming quite desperate at the moment otherwise they wouldn't resort to such tactics. I hope they are thoroughly ashamed and do only harm to themselves.

Anyone who has any information on the CFSaviour you can contact #ThingsElliottSays and I'll see if we can get to the bottom of who they are.


Oli Cooper and Sarah Jane Sewell have replied to the article on here saying how they feel about it. It seems Sarah Jane has been harassed too by phone callers. The evidence is mounting.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

More Positive News

More positive news now. These are 12 things we the Tories have done. On certain areas we should be doing better i.e. deficit and immigration but we have been fairly successful in bringing them down. This is what we Conservatives have to fight the upcoming elections on and maybe the General Election. We should be proud that we have had effect in all these areas, although some more than others.