Friday, 1 March 2013


The Tax Payers Alliance has launched a campaign to #MashBeerTax and stop the beer tax escalator started under the last Labour Government. With the beer escalator, tax goes up 4% each year. Beer duty has gone up by 40% over the last four years. Essentially we are now at a point where 33% of the cost of alcohol is tax, so when you get the round in you buy one for the tax man too.

But why are the Government doing this? Is it to raise revenue? No. The Beer Tax makes a loss every year so they are doing this as a sin tax. Nothing more than government trying to coerce us not to drink alcohol. Which in my opinion is a step to far for any government.

Yesterday the TPA came to visit us in Nottingham. I went down to their event at the beautiful Pitcher and Piano and I got my picture taken with Hector the tax man. 

The Beer Tax has a really good chance of becoming history in the budget. So please go to to write to your MP. This will take less than two minutes all you do is type in your postcode, select your MP and add your name and address to a pre written email. MPs want these emails, it adds more weight to their argument. So please write in.

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