Saturday, 16 March 2013

Weekly Poll Lowdown

As the returning officer I declare that a Labour Majority is elected to the constituency of the United Kingdom in 2015. The results are as follows.

Con Majority
  1 (5%)
Con/Lib Dem Coalition
  1 (5%)
Con Minority
  6 (30%)
Another General Election
  0 (0%)
Lab Minority
  3 (15%)
Lab/Lib Dem Coalition
  1 (5%)
Lab Majority
  8 (40%)

The more time that passes the more I personally become of the opinion that we will do badly in the General Election in 2015. Last year in March if you asked me I would have said that we would win 2015 if we put in the effort. Now I doubt we can actually win a even the most seats in Parliament. Personally I'm still far from thinking that Labour will get anything resembling a majority. Ashcroft's poll of an 84 majority is probably a bit pessimistic considering its not yet 2015 so a large chunk of that is probably mid-term blues. A majority of 4 is on the liberal side of likely results at the moment.

This blog is almost exclusively read by Tories and as 60% of you are on the pessimistic side with only 5% saying the Tories can win a majority the situation at the moment does look bleak.

The main problem is of course the economy and it's not necessarily growth either because as I've said before the debt this year is going to go up and the deficit is predicted to go up to. We may be in coalition but we need to push hard to reverse these facts otherwise this country is going to be a mess. If Labour get in in 2015 we won't get another realistic chance to solve this problem till 2020 by which time we'll be seemingly months from disaster. We can only take so much debt.

It seems our party has a problem and it's that we are divided on whether to go for economic success or left wing consensus. For the moment the leadership not fully going for economic liberalisation but if we don't change that not only will party members be furious but the electorate won't vote for us. This is not like Thatcher in the early 80s either, she cut inflation after a few years but became unpopular due to high unemployment. She actually achieved her objectives, not even the Government thinks they're going to bring get rid of the deficit by 2015.

Please vote in the next poll.

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