Thursday, 7 March 2013


So I was at the YBF Rally yesterday. It was great. Thanks go to the YBF team and Donal Blaney who runs it all. The best speakers of the day in my opinion were Eric Pickles MP, Steve Baker MP, Robert Halfon MP and also David Jones MP. But there was also important speakers like Ian Duncan Smith MP and Matthew Elliott, whose campaigning to Mash Beer Tax (see

YBF operates under Chatham House Rules so we can’t say who said what, which makes it a bit difficult for blogging. But we do have a Twitter and so this is what all the twitterers were tweeting yesterday.

YBF is ultrasound and here is why.

Eric Pickles was also there encouraging us on in a very personal speech.

Also we were asked to show our support for the EU. A majority of us wanted to leave.

Steve Baker was also there to tell us exactly what Government actually means.

Steve Baker also had one more thing to say.

Mr Cooper was as loud as ever shouting 'sound' and 'hear hear', including at my comments on the Foreign Office. But he also recorded the great analogies of Robert Halfon MP.

 Analogies too came from our NUCA's Robert Smith.

But another  piece of advise that stuck well was from #teamjasmine.

So that's what happened. YBF is excellent get involved. 

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