Saturday, 30 March 2013


Well lots of Love for Alexander Boris De Pfeffel Johnson today. Only 10% of people who voted in the poll thought he'd be any good as PM. Inspiring for the man who people would associate as the most keen at this moment to take over from his good friend Dave. Also the turnout was very poor, come on chaps let's get this higher next time. Here are the full results:

  1 (10%)
  9 (90%)
  0 (0%)

Poll Result another blow to Boris' campaign to become PM

So what do I think about BoJo. Well I think he is actually fairly competent as a person. He may seem care free and a mess but I think in reality he's a lot more serious. Boris is an excellent Mayor of London, no doubt about it he is able in quite a left-wing city to make it Conservative led. Boris is great at uniting the city and has great policies.

My issue with Boris as PM is that he is not very different from Dave, in some areas like an amnesty for illegal immigrants he should be with the liberal democrats. Boris is probably more euro-sceptic but where it really matters on the economy there would be very little change. The only reason why the so called Tory 'Right' want Boris in is to get rid of Dave. After this there would be a chance of having a 'real' Conservative as leader. I think that's a stupid plan with too many things able to go wrong risking our country's economy massively. Also any idea of just making Boris PM because he is popular is even worse, it would degrade our party to a celebrity catwalk.

"When will I be PM?"

Boris please be Mayor forever but I can't support you to be PM.

In other news did you see the BBC Documentary on Boris. It was fairly good

Vote in the next poll.

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