Sunday, 31 August 2014

Exclusive: Carswell's Letter To People of Clacton

UKIP have already started campaigning in the Clacton by-election with a letter come leaflet. The letter spells out why Carswell left the Conservatives. The leaflet has an anti-establishment feel.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

It's A Sad Day, But Don't Count The Conservatives Out

Today has been a sad day for the Conservative movement with the defection of Douglas Carswell to UKIP. People on the libertarian right-wing of are shocked, filled with disbelief, and are quite sad at Carswell's departure. Whatever banner he is standing under now his ideology is right. #ThingsElliottSays has shown admiration for Douglas Carswell on a number of occasions and is saddened by his departure.

The Conservatives are sad to see Carswell defect.

But clearly Douglas has forgotten about how these principles can be implemented and has joined UKIP, even though they are now a far cry from the libertarianism he represents.This country needs the Conservatives to win the next general election because if not we'll have to suffer the most left-wing government since the 1970s. What Douglas has sadly done is abandoned this position and made what he wants a lot harder to achieve.

And so to cut a long story short there is going to be a by-election in Clacton. This will be a very hard fight, much harder than Newark. But thank god we had Newark because the Conservatives now have a winning campaign strategy. Furthermore, even though we won that by-election there were many errors made which cost us thousands of votes. These however have now been learnt. Because #ThingsElliottSays was the Nottinghamshire CF Chairman at the time of Newark he knows about these mistakes and that they have now been fixed.

#ThingsElliottSays and Nottingham peeps in Newark.

CCHQ has learnt a lot of lessons in the way it runs by-elections and campaigns against UKIP. Despite what the national media made out and what it looked llike to the ordinary activist. It was not all plain sailing Newark for the party. There were several errors made in the way campaigning was organised but CCHQ has now done something about this. We now know how to make the waters smoother when it comes to the campaigning machine.

The Conservatives campaign is going to be much more well oiled in Clacton.

The Party will also try and get many more people to come. I suspect there will be more visits made by those on the PAB, more visits by committed Conservative MPs (there are a lot in East Anglia), and more importantly a Party Conference beforehand to rally even more Conservatives to the cause.

Expect to see these chaps out and about a lot more.

RoadTrip is also going to be much bigger as well. I expect there to be a sizeable increase in the 600 RoadTrippers who went to Newark. CCHQ now puts a lot of energy into CCHQ for starters. What is more the RoadTrip now has a united #TeamPaterson in the CF national exec. It is almost priceless to have a CF 100% committed to RoadTrip2015. Long gone are the days of petulant girls or people living in Dubai throwing spanners in the works.

Carswell is odds on to win this by-election but there are plenty of insider reasons why the Conservatives can actually win. #ThingsElliottSays can't wait to go for another seaside RoadTrip and have a cigar from Robert Halfon MP.

CF And RoadTrip Get Signed Up Over 1000 Activists To Fight The Clacton By-election

The CF National Exec and RoadTrip2015 have responded quickly to Douglas Carswell's defection earlier today with the creation of a 'RoadTrip2015 Clacton Volunteer Force' group on Facebook. This quick action has resulted in over 1000 Conservatives joining the group to make sure the Conservatives hold this seat.

In the first two hours of this group being set up 1,000 activists had already signed up for a RoadTrip to the Clacton by-election. At 7pm this figure had rose to 1,325 Conservative activists. Numbers have already gone past the 600 members of 'the people's army'* of Conservatives that went on the Newark RoadTrip.

Alexandra Paterson, the new CF Chairman, has already told #ThingsElliottSays "I'm absolutely delighted that so many CF members have already committed to supporting the Party in Clacton with RoadTrip2015. We need to show that if the British people want to have a say in an EU referendum, have a growing economy and better public services, they need to vote Conservative."

RoadTrip2015 was credited with playing a large part in the 7,500 Conservative majority in Newark. CF and RoadTrip will play a much larger part in the Clacton by-election

*The name was created in response to Nigel Farage saying he would muster 1000 UKIP activists to form a 'people's army' for the Newark by-election. UKIP never came close too this figure in reality.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Partial Victory For 'Stop The Hospital Car Parking Rip-Off' Campaign

#ThingsElliottSays is a great fan of campaigning Conservative MP Robert Halfon who has improved people''s lives across the country. #ThingsElliottSays was thus a big supporter of Rob's latest campaign to 'stop the hospital car parking rip-off'. It is thus pleasant to see a partial victory already for the campaign.

The Government has now changed the rules and regulations surrounding hospital car parking. From now on 'charges should be reasonable for the area'. Concessions should also be offered to groups like disabled people and families of those who are 'gravely ill'. Furthermore, there should be a switch to a pay on exit scheme for car parking.

Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, has said "patients and families shouldn't have to deal with the added stress of unfair parking charges. These clear ground rules set out our expectations, and will help the public hold the NHS to account for unfair charges or practices."

Stop the QMC Parking Rip-Off

It is good to see some change to hospital car parking. The QMC in Nottingham is one of the worst for hospital car parking, charging £4 for the first hour to park. Hopefully this will now change as most people would not think it is a reasonable charge for the area.

The campaign however is not over. #ThingsElliottSays agrees with Rob Halfon MP that car parking should be free at hospitals in the UK. Thus I urge you to sign up to the campaign here to reach this goal hopefully sometime in the near future.

Monday, 25 August 2014

HarlowRoadTrip Mark II

RoadTrip2015 is going back to Harlow* to help out one of the best MPs in the country, Robert Halfon.

Road Trip went to Harlow in April earlier this year. Even though numbers were slightly below the now common 130 at RoadTrips, this was one of the best RoadTrips. The curry was very good, the letterboxes of Harlow were very easy too open and everyone had a really good time partying afterwards.

But one of the best things about going to Harlow is of course Rob Halfon, who has recently received a promotion and now works with the Chancellor. Rob is a top class campaigning Conservative. He has had great success getting the Government to cut and freeze fuel duty and number of times. Furthermore Bingo tax has been cut in half due to Rob's sterling work. Now it seems that Rob is getting somewhere with his plan to 'stop the hospital car parking rip off' (there'll be an article on this later). Rob Halfon is a top Tory and he needs to get back in again in 2015, Harlow is a pretty marginal seat.

RoadTrip is thus going back again Harlow to help out Rob as a thank you for his work and to make sure we have a Conservative Government come May 2015. The Road Trip will be on 6th September all details are available here.

*Dubbed the 'spiritual home of Roadtrip2015'.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Team Paterson Storm To Victory

#TeamPaterson stormed to victory in the CF national elections yesterday evening winning every single slot on the national executive and regional college (apart from London). Sadly #ThingsElliottSays couldn't cover the CF Elections because there has been mass computer problems for the past few weeks. Normal service has now returned.

Paterson has told #ThingsElliottSays "Firstly, I must give thanks to everyone. Thanks goes to Oliver Cooper. Thanks to everyone who backed me and my team. Thanks to #TeamPaterson and the CF'ers who give up their time to make this organisation work.

Colonel Cooper watching Paterson's speech after her election

"A massive congratulations also goes to everyone who was elected to national and regional positions last night. I can't wait to work with you all to help make sure we can have an organisation we are all proud of. Now these elections are out of the way, it's time to focus on what really matters - 2015 and a Tory majority. I, and my team, will work together to make sure CF campaigns together and helps deliver a Tory majority together."

Stephen Canning, who was elected unopposed, has said also "I'm absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to serve as Deputy Chairman Political for the coming year where I'm taking the place of an outstandingly hardworking CF'er, Robert Manning."

India Brumitt, named as the 'big gun of CF', has spoke to #ThingsElliottSays as well "I'm excited to take on the challenge of the Deputy Chairman Membership role and look forward to working with the new executive, the new regional chairman and all CF in the run up to 2015."

Annabel Shaw, who had a three way duel for her role as Best Practice Officer, told #ThingsElliottSays "A massive thank you to everyone who voted for me, I'm so exited to get down to work and make sure CF is fighting fit and ready to play its part in delivering a Conservative majority in 2015."

#ThingsElliottSays wishes all those elected well.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Campaigning Queen Kude Would Bring London CF Closer To 2015 Victory

These CF elections have featured one major imperative, the ability to win in 2015. Charlotte Kude, who is standing to be London CF Chairman, is one of those exceptional Conservatives who has the ability bring 2015 victory that little bit closer. Kude loves a good party but would be the best person to lead campaigning into the next General Election in the capital.

Kude told #ThingsElliottSays about how much work she has put into campaigning and Road Trip 2015*. "Before Road Trip was created I used to go campaigning every weekend, at least Saturdays and sometimes Sundays too, mainly in target seats. In London but also across the country, I tried to help in the most vulnerable seats in the West Midlands and as far as in the North East too. Then I got involved with Road Trip and at the same time continued to support friends standing for council and Euro-Candidates during the locals and Europeans, which sometimes meant going out during the week as well."

Kude also has a great experience in organisation as well as being a foot soldier on the streets. She said to #ThingsElliottSays "I certainly intend to take the lead with campaigning in London and personally keep in touch with the target constituencies. This work can only be done properly by surrounding myself with the best possible people, dedicated campaigners but also good organisers. I have learnt a great deal on that front with Road Trip, from bringing as many new people as possible to each action day to sorting out transport and accommodation for them and making sure everyone feels part of the team. It has to be a two way deal, you can't simply ask people to turn up without them getting anything in return."

If you want to know who could lead London CF to General Election success look no further than Charlotte Kude.

*The campaigning phenomenon that has showed that partying and leafleting are synonymous.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Exclusive: Armstrong Adds Awe-inspiring Endorsement

The Bookies’ favourite for East Midlands CF Chairman, Samuel Armstrong, has singled out India Brummitt from Team Paterson for further praise today. India Brummitt is the runaway favourite for CF Deputy Chairman (Membership).

“I endorsed Alexandra Paterson earlier this week arguing we needed a true wartime leader in the spirit of this nation’s Titans of History. The Deputy Chairman (Membership) role is crucial to our organisation’s success. However of late Membership has endured a long frozen winter without significant progress. We need a figure who can really generate new members.

C.S Lewis’ great hero Aslan, was faced by a hundred-year winter but through his sheer determination, courage, and sense of self-sacrifice he brought about the end of it. CF’s membership has in a number of senses endured a long winter and although CF has not necesarrily suffered the leadership of a white-witch other than this the frozen winter parallels are overwhelming.

India Brummitt is a true reflection of Aslan; courageous, selfless, a capable leader. She is ultimately a leader I and many others would be willing to follow into battle as so many have before during her work with #RoadTrip2015.”

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Bye, Bye Warsi

I'm no fan on Baroness Warsi. She was purely terrible at her job and probably represents the last of women promoted in the Conservative party because they tick the female box of the modernisers' agenda. Thank god she is gone.

Warsi was an abysmal Party Chairman. In my opinion the best thing about her time in Milbank was that she sent #ThingsElliottSays a letter congratulating him over the help he gave during the 2010 General Election (mind you thousands of these were probably sent out). What did she actualy do? She wasn't very good at invigorating party members and she had no strategy to attack Labour. When Grant Shapps came in he started immediately to attack Labour with the poster of 'Labour Isn't Learning'. Why were we not preparing for the next General Election under Warsi?

Furthermore what did she do in the Foreign Office? All she seemed to do was put up barriers to the policies to control the Trojian Horse problems in some Islamic schools. Furthermore, she tried to stop a government strategy on better integration of communities. She wasn't exactly great when it came to dealing with terrorism or the causes of radicalisation. No wonder she was slowly cut out by the Government and civil servants.

The peak of her career must have been going on Question Time against Nick Griffin. She did shoe him to be the closable racist that he was. Mind you everyone else on that panel did too.

Its a surprise she didn't go in the re-shuffle. Dave has made a mistake because he has to deal with this mad ex-minister briefing against the Government without any satisfaction of getting rid of her himself. Her excuse over Gaza was a feeble one too. She had been rightly sidelined by all other members of the Government because of her incompetence, this was the real reason why she went.

But now at least we have a one good thing to say about all the Women around the Cabinet table. All of them are there because they are good at their jobs. Gone are lefty days in the Conservatives where having a pair of breasts was enough to push you up several notches. The likes of Nicky Morgan, Liz Truss, Esther McVey are there because they are exceptional. We need more women like them.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Exclusive: Rowell Backs Team Paterson

Chris Rowell is the latest to come out and back those on Team Paterson. This comes also the day after Chris starts his re-election campaign as Yorkshire and Humber CF Chairman with his Facebook Page.

Chris has told #ThingsElliottSays "I’m really pleased to see Alex is running for CF National Chairman. Having worked with Alex as a Regional Chairman and a RoadTrip2015 coordinator, I know she and her team have the skills and determination to deliver the campaign we need to win in 2015. I also know she shares the same frustrations we all have with CF and the Party and I have every confidence in her plan to address them."

Alexandra has said to #ThingsElliottSays "Chris is hugely popular in his region and it's an absolute honour to have his backing. I'm so glad he is restanding and wish him the very best of luck."

Exclusive: CF Chair Candidate Accused Of Supporting Anti-Semitic Group

CF Chair Candidate Jacob Wilkinson has been accused of being a supporter of al-Aqsa, a pro-Palestinian group based in Leicester with a dubious record on anti-Semitism.

Wilkinson is a follower on Twitter of al Aqsa's official account. On its account al Aqsa describes its role as 'a UK based non-profit making NGO concerned with defending the human rights of Palestinians and protecting the sacred al-Aqsa Sanctuary in Jerusalem.' However, serious concerns of anti-Semitism have been raised about al Aqsa. On a TV channel called Mermi there is a video by al-Aqsa TV called 'Hamas Sermon from the Gaza Strip: Our Doctrine Entails Exterminating the Jews'. al-Aqsa has also published on its Official Facebook Page several particularly dodgy photos.

Wilkinson has been tweeting about a boycott on Israel and his pro-Gazan views on his Twitter account in the last few days.

Jacob told #ThingsElliottSays last night "If friends of Alqa is dodgy they have the federation of Muslim Organisations tweeting about them taking a petition to Downing Street about Gaza with local [Leicester] MPs". He has also told #ThingsElliottSays this morning "My views on the Israeli-Palestinian issue are long held and well known. This is nothing but a witch hunt against me because I hold a different view to Stephen Hoffman, who seems to be completely incapable of understanding that people might hold different opinions to himself."

Wilkinson says "My views on the Israeli-Palestinian issue are long held and well known."

Respected young Conservative Stephen Hoffman has said to #ThingsElliottSays " Friends of Al Aqsa is a group which goes past legitimate anti-Israel activity into the realms of anti-Semitism as these links to Harry's Place show ( and . There are also credible claims that they are sympathisers of Hamas. This is at a time when antisemitism in Europe is on the rise.

"I do not agree with the political judgement of someone who wants to be CF Chairman who is happy to be linked in any way to an antisemitic group at a time when antisemitism is on the rise dangerously. These are not personal attacks on Jacob personally. I'm sorry if he has taken it that way. I have many friends across the political spectrum including many good friends who disagree with me strongly on Israel. I have no problem with people having differing opinions, he has the right to disagree with me."


Jacob Wilkinson wishes to clarify his own positions after this article was published. He told #ThingsEliottSays "Just because I happen to follow a Leicester based Pro-Palestinian group on twitter, does not make me an anti-semite. I have never supported Hamas' actions, but I do question Israel's disproportionate response and the death of nearly 1800 innocent Palestinian men, women and Children."

The Exceedingly Late #WeeklyPollLowdown

#ThingsElliottSays has received a number of complaints. Of course there is the usual garbage from disgruntled YI members, Sarah Jane, and Cllr Sam Fletcher but this time some eagle eyed readers have pointed out something I am prepared to act upon. The 'weekly' poll put up at the end of February or the beginning of March has yet to finish. Bet you're all excited to see the final results come in.

With 195 there is a very good sample of votes and therefore it can be said with some degree of certainty that the majority of people think the Church of England does have some sway on politics. However, a lot of people still think it has no influence on the nations decision making process.

Does the Church of England have any sway on Politics nowadays?

A bit 

Total votes: 195

The Church seems to have a very limited, if not any power over parliament and its decisions. Of course have a special slot in the House of Lords and the Church of England is still in theory a cornerstone in our constitution that outlines the theocratic absolutist monarchy we live in, but they are no longer striking accord with the legislators.

On social issues the Church has very little power when it comes Acts of Parliament. The Church has opposed greater rights for gay people and women bishops until pretty recently in the grand scheme of things. However, this didn't stop Parliament passing the Equal Marriage Act or pushing for women to have a more equal status for society. Whatever people's views are on the subject the Church is seen by the majority of legislators, many of them committed Christians, as not in touch with modern life.

The Church.

The Church seems to do much better on the face of it at influencing the powers that be on economic matters. Their messages are used especially by the Labour party to promote their ideas of equality. The living wage and zero contract hours have all been backed by the Church of England. This seems somewhat bizarre as the Church comments on Hayek and Keynes using the bible. #ThingsElliottSays does not remember the passage of Jesus backing the living wage*. It seems like the Church has completely gone back on the previous saying of 'the Church of England is the Conservative Party at prayer'. It's backed Labour a lot over recent years, but it is following not leading. Perhaps this is because the Church and its bureaucracy is run more by a metropolitan elite like Labour?

Results of a Con Home poll on the Church's political leanings.

What's most interesting about the state of the Church of England is that when it comes to politics most people form their own views. Look at Dave for instance, a committed Anglican who has backed gay marriage to the hills. Even amongst its active membership the Church finds problems influencing them on matters of politics.

Vote in the next poll.

*Please do not start a theological debate over this point.

Exclusive: Duffy Speaks To #ThingsElliottSays

#ThingsElliottSays has spoken to Isaac Duffy, who is standing as the North East's Regional CF Chairman. Don't let his age fool you, Isaac has the support of 2 MPs and the Chairman of the National Convention in his election camapaign. He is clearly a young man who has good links and good abilities.

Isaac has told #ThingsElliottSays "I believe there are three factors paramount to Conservative Future in the North East, and if elected I will strive to improve them as much as possible, and insodoing make NECF a larger, more efficient, more effective organisation. We must have more campaigning, more communication, and more members."

Isaac believes campaigning will be key in the next year. There are two Tory MPs in the North East and a number of marginal seats. Isaac thinks "campaigning is the backbone both Conservative Future and the main party. I think it’s of the highest importance we keep the seats we have, notably; Stockton South where James Wharton is the MP. If elected, I pledge not to forget the importance of our target seats and to make sure CF is an active and effective campaigning force in the upcoming months."

A key problem of the past identified by Isaac is communication, not a unique problem in the North East. He pledges if elected "to appoint a new Communications Officer and assure that they are a well-connected individual who can communicate well with all of our local branches and CF on a national level. Their job will include handling publicity about events and assuring all of our members receive invites & are up to date with our activities."

Membership is also key for Duffy's vision of CF in the North East. He promises "to explore a number of new projects to boost membership. I will urge Team2015, University groups, and members of the general party to come out and campaign with us. I believe strongly that social media & better publicity can prove very useful in boosting the turnout at campaigns. If elected, I pledge not to neglect the importance of social evenings or groups such as CPF and their great work."

It will be interesting to see if Duffy gets elected in the North East. He has the backing of James Wharton MP, Guy Opperman MP, Charles Heslop, and CF's own Jasmine Rahman. He does of course have a very large amount of backing from the ranks of the membership as well. The Teeside CF Chair, Cameron Brown, calling him "one of the most active members of our local Branch" and saying "dedication to the Conservatives in the North East is second to none".

#ThingsElliottSays wishes Isaac the best of luck.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Jacob Wilkinson Announces Launch Party


Jacob Wilkinson has announced he will also be having a launch party for his campaign to be the Chairman of National CF. He is following Team Paterson with her boat party tomorrow evening.

The party will be at Knighton and Clarendon Park Conservative Club, Leicester and will kick off at 8pm on 6th August. All are welcome to attend.

As a dig at Team Paterson says that "there will be £8.17 behind the bars, so get there quick! ... The event itself will be held in the cellar rooms, which are accessible via the entrance to the gentleman’s toilets at the back of the club."

Jacob has told #ThingsElliottSays “I am very excited to be launching my campaign at my local Conservative Club. It will be a fantastic evening, everyone is welcome and I am planning on having a VIP attend. There will be some money behind the bar, but once that runs out its buy your own booze”.

Jacob has already caused controversy in CF with his posts attacking Alexandra Paterson's eligibility to stand over her age, despite the CF constitution specifically saying she can do so. Furthermore Jacob's has recently been tweeting his support for a boycott of Israel. This has caused concern amongst leading CFers. Stephen Hoffman has said to Jacob "I find the fact you want to boycott Israel disgraceful and ill informed. Do you recognise Israel's right to exist." Stephen has also said that he worries that Jacob "follows Al Aqsa who are based in Leicester. They are a distinctly dodgy Islamist organisation."

Exclusive: Incumbent Backs Armstrong As He Releases His Manifesto

Sam Armstrong has received a key nomination today from Richard Harris the incumbent East Midlands Chairman. This comes at the same time as Sam released his manifesto for a better CF to fight the ground war against Labour, UKIP, and what is left of the Lib Dems.

Richard is standing down after serving a single term as East Midlands Chairman. During this time he had success with the East Midlands Conference and inspiring CFers, mainly in his home county of Derbyshire. However, Richard needs to stand down for his council campaign in 2015 and so has exclusively told #ThingsElliottSays he will back Sam as the Chairman for the East Midlands and encourages everyone else he knows in CF to do so.

Sam has told #ThingsElliottSays "I'm delighted that after such a short time I'm already attracting support from right across the region. Richard has served CF loyally as the incumbent Regional Chairman and I'm delighted that he is supporting me."

Dave is supporting Sam, are you?

Sam has also launched his manifesto today for "more members, more action, more branches, more socials, more campaigning."

Campaigning is of course the first concern for everyone in CF now, so in his manifesto Sam says that "the East Midlands is the front line in politics. I will make sure every week there is an email sent out letting everybody know what campaigning is going on. I will also organise action days for any CF candidate standing in council elections." Sam also wants more action telling everyone that "CF right now is gearing up for a war. I will arrange transport for every #Roadtrip2015 and secure funding to subsidise this. I am proud to be the last person in the country to have been to the Party’s hallmark campaign days, and if elected I will make sure EVERYONE in the East Midlands gets the opportunity to do the same."

Sam wants more branches in the East Midlands saying "I am 100% committed to the goal of a branch in every target seat and in every university by the General Election. I will support Area-chairman in doing this and if necessary start branches myself as I have in Nottinghamshire to achieve this. It’s a tragedy that Universities like Loughborough and DMU have no Conservative presence - if I’m elected I’ll do everything I can to rectify this." Linked to this Sam wants to "increase membership of CF in the East Midlands. No excuses."  But a balance must be stroke and this Sam thinks "CF absolutely has to work hard, play harder. I’m always up for a night out and I’ll make sure every CF event I organise ends in an absolute banger."

Sam has some really interesting ideas for the East Midlands and #ThingsElliottSays will keep you posted on what happens next. Sam is by the far the bookies favourite at this point.