Monday, 25 August 2014

HarlowRoadTrip Mark II

RoadTrip2015 is going back to Harlow* to help out one of the best MPs in the country, Robert Halfon.

Road Trip went to Harlow in April earlier this year. Even though numbers were slightly below the now common 130 at RoadTrips, this was one of the best RoadTrips. The curry was very good, the letterboxes of Harlow were very easy too open and everyone had a really good time partying afterwards.

But one of the best things about going to Harlow is of course Rob Halfon, who has recently received a promotion and now works with the Chancellor. Rob is a top class campaigning Conservative. He has had great success getting the Government to cut and freeze fuel duty and number of times. Furthermore Bingo tax has been cut in half due to Rob's sterling work. Now it seems that Rob is getting somewhere with his plan to 'stop the hospital car parking rip off' (there'll be an article on this later). Rob Halfon is a top Tory and he needs to get back in again in 2015, Harlow is a pretty marginal seat.

RoadTrip is thus going back again Harlow to help out Rob as a thank you for his work and to make sure we have a Conservative Government come May 2015. The Road Trip will be on 6th September all details are available here.

*Dubbed the 'spiritual home of Roadtrip2015'.

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