Monday, 4 August 2014

Jacob Wilkinson Announces Launch Party


Jacob Wilkinson has announced he will also be having a launch party for his campaign to be the Chairman of National CF. He is following Team Paterson with her boat party tomorrow evening.

The party will be at Knighton and Clarendon Park Conservative Club, Leicester and will kick off at 8pm on 6th August. All are welcome to attend.

As a dig at Team Paterson says that "there will be £8.17 behind the bars, so get there quick! ... The event itself will be held in the cellar rooms, which are accessible via the entrance to the gentleman’s toilets at the back of the club."

Jacob has told #ThingsElliottSays “I am very excited to be launching my campaign at my local Conservative Club. It will be a fantastic evening, everyone is welcome and I am planning on having a VIP attend. There will be some money behind the bar, but once that runs out its buy your own booze”.

Jacob has already caused controversy in CF with his posts attacking Alexandra Paterson's eligibility to stand over her age, despite the CF constitution specifically saying she can do so. Furthermore Jacob's has recently been tweeting his support for a boycott of Israel. This has caused concern amongst leading CFers. Stephen Hoffman has said to Jacob "I find the fact you want to boycott Israel disgraceful and ill informed. Do you recognise Israel's right to exist." Stephen has also said that he worries that Jacob "follows Al Aqsa who are based in Leicester. They are a distinctly dodgy Islamist organisation."


  1. So I'm an Islamist now?

  2. You're just an anti-Semitic scumbag

  3. He was winning me over untill that tweet. Siding with the terrorists is not cool, its moronic lefty crap.