Thursday, 7 August 2014

Exclusive: Armstrong Adds Awe-inspiring Endorsement

The Bookies’ favourite for East Midlands CF Chairman, Samuel Armstrong, has singled out India Brummitt from Team Paterson for further praise today. India Brummitt is the runaway favourite for CF Deputy Chairman (Membership).

“I endorsed Alexandra Paterson earlier this week arguing we needed a true wartime leader in the spirit of this nation’s Titans of History. The Deputy Chairman (Membership) role is crucial to our organisation’s success. However of late Membership has endured a long frozen winter without significant progress. We need a figure who can really generate new members.

C.S Lewis’ great hero Aslan, was faced by a hundred-year winter but through his sheer determination, courage, and sense of self-sacrifice he brought about the end of it. CF’s membership has in a number of senses endured a long winter and although CF has not necesarrily suffered the leadership of a white-witch other than this the frozen winter parallels are overwhelming.

India Brummitt is a true reflection of Aslan; courageous, selfless, a capable leader. She is ultimately a leader I and many others would be willing to follow into battle as so many have before during her work with #RoadTrip2015.”


  1. I support #teamPaterson, but someone pass me a bucket.

  2. christ. was he drunk or high on drugs when he thought it appropriate to compare a Cons Future candidate to CS Lewis' Aslan? Correct me if I'm wrong but this is a yuoth politics group. this has to be the most pretentious and indulgant endorsement Ive seen in one of these campaigns. Makes me want to vote for someone else..

  3. I'll have what he's having. Its some good s**t!

  4. Will Tem Paterson feed me? I've been chewing on the same blackjack since February.