Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Breaking News: Sarah Jane Sewell to Stand as CF Chairman

#ThingsElliottSays can exclusively reveal that Sarah Jane Sewell is planning to stand for National Chairman of CF next year against Oliver Cooper. Sarah Jane texted #ThingsElliottSays to say "Decided to run for national cf chairman. Early Days yet, not making it public. Really hope I can count on your support. Happy to answer any questions. Xx". Sarah Jane had sent this text to many other prominent CFers many who have told #ThingsElliottSays they didn't even vote for her as Deputy Chairman Membership.

Sarah Jane will run against Oliver Cooper as CF Chairman

My Question to SJS is why is she doing this? Sarah Jane told #ThingsElliottSays earlier this year that she was 'considering cutting all ties with CF positions after this term'. This move also seems bizarre politically because her popularity within CF has waned notably since her re-election as Deputy  Chairman Membership. Questions will be focusing on whether Sarah Jane is being put up by others as a challenge to Oliver Cooper which polling suggests has a 2/3rd popularity.

Whatever the reasons for standing Sarah Jane will not be receiving the support of #ThingsElliottSays for CF Chair, despite this blog backing her in the CF elections. This is also the position of many other people who voted for Sarah Jane Sewell as Deputy Chairman Membership. Her chances of winning at this moment seem slim. To my mind this conference coup has ended before it began.  

Read why I have chosen not to back SJ.


  1. She has what it takes and I'll support her

  2. Replies
    1. What are you talking about?

  3. Harry Ives (South West Conservative Future DC Political)2 October 2013 at 06:02

    The only person in CF who would prove effective as national chairman is the current incumbent. Would be stunned if he wasn't returned for a second term.

  4. Don't see the big deal with this, SJ would do a great job. How can anyone actually be impressed by Coopers leadership? Change needed.

  5. Surely if the text was private you're a bit of a traitor making a post on it

  6. The only reason to show any interest in CF is for the annual invite to No.10 and free drinks at Conference, other than that, who cares?

  7. Just so everyone knows this text wasn't private. It was sent to over 30 other people some who didn't vote for SJ last time and those who don't even really know her. It was about as private as wearing the message on a sandwich board.

  8. But are you incapable of seeing that of SJ wanted others to know she would have announced it? What seems obvious to me is that she trusted those who were messaged and that trust has clearly been abused.

  9. Who gives a shit? National CF is the most pointless organisation. These people need to live in the real world for a while and do something useful to society rather than feeding their own fragile little egos.