Friday, 25 October 2013

#ThingsElliottSays is Back

#ThingsElliottSays has returned. So keep your eye for a long overdue weekly poll lowdown, an account of the East Midlands Conference (which seems to have become a little bit controversial since I was last online) and the Oktober Revolution bar crawl against Labour (which was a Con gain from last year). I also met Boris Johnson.

This photo is from the 7 Legged Bar Crawl, I went as Sherlock Holmes.

The first bit of news I have to share is that I have heard rumours from Labour Soc members that Nottingham City Council/ Nottingham Labour considered whether to sue me or not last week. Nottingham Labour has considered doing this because of my recent articles on the Nottingham Labour Cllr who said it was a 'shame' students are allowed to live in Lenton (see and This is not because they contest anything I have written in the article* but because I used the Nottingham City Council logo without me phoning them up to ask permission. They did decide however that this would give them a bad image because the logo is being used on many other websites without permission, they're a public body and are supposed to serve the people (at least in public in Nottingham Council's case) and also I am a student.

Of course these are all rumours. This may or may not be true but I want to be safe from the logo police of Nottingham City Council so will now use this logo.

This photo is owned by me and it is free for Nottingham City Council to use as a spirit of good will to them.

So what of the future? I've got a lot coming up so posts will be going in order of priority for me and not chronology. But anyway its time to celebrate so get that champagne open, like they do in the Labour Party, and have a good time.

* This is legally speaking of course because obviously they're not happy with bad press.


  1. You would think Nottingham City Council have more pressing issues to deal with.

  2. Yeah, careful using the logo for party political purposes- Nottingham Labout would know all about that anyway (