Sunday, 13 October 2013

Campaigning in Radford and Park

Yesterday I was out in Radford and Park campaigning for a by-election that is coming up on 7th November. This by-election has occurred because sadly the husband of the current Cllr has become very ill, she has thus resigned to care for him. This is a marginal ward and Conservatives have a chance of winning here.

As the name suggests both Radford and Park are in the ward, but it also includes parts of Lenton where a lot of students are. If you live past the railway bridge on the opposite side of Derby Road as the Savoy Cinema you are eligible to vote in this election. Handily Nottingham City Council will have sent (if they haven't done it already) an electoral registration sign up form. If you haven't got one by the end of this week I suggest you go to . Please do sign up as soon as possible and make sure you vote.

Out canvassing in the rain.

Of course I'm going to suggest you vote for the Conservative Candidate Nick Packham, a local chap keen to serve the people of Nottingham. I do not know who the Labour candidate is yet but I can tell you one thing she is a woman. This is because Labour is using a woman's only shortlist for their candidate selection, which is great for meritocracy and all that.

Anyway, to show just how committed Nick is he was out there yesterday in what was the wettest canvass in my life. A whole team of us, at least 10 people, including Rowena Holland (the Conservative Candidate for 2015), were out showing the Conservatives are here to help. We were out doing 'intelligent canvassing' asking people questions about local issues as well as national problems instead of just their voting intention. We got a very good response on the door from people. This was especially so with one question; who would make the better PM Red Ed or Dave? Put it this way, Red Ed didn't do very well.

Rowena and I at the entrance to Park.

 On November 7th make sure you get out and vote Conservative.

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