Monday, 28 October 2013

The Sad Life of Ed Davey

Today Ed Davey must be very upset. Today was the windiest day for many years* and yet all the wind turbines have been turned off. Why you may ask? Because when the wind gets above a light breeze they are not allowed to produce electricity in case the generator breaks. What a sound investment these turbines have turned out to be.

Trying hard to hold back the tears.

What is more, despite the 1000 tonnes of concrete underneath each turbine, which does a great amount of environmental damage, they cannot stay up. Look at this wind turbine near Teignmouth; the only thing that can be said is that this turbine will not be generating electricity for a while. However, if you asked some of those Greenies like Caroline Lucas I bet they will still claim this wind turbine is producing lots of electricity. There is a fair chance of this because none of their other sums add up, so why should this one?

So wind turbines are only good when there is no wind. Another great invention paid for by me and you.

*Although in Nottingham it's not breezy at all.

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