Monday, 14 October 2013

East Midlands CF Conference

Are you busy on Saturday, apart from recovering from a hangover possibly? No, well come to the East Midlands CF Conference to listen and debate with fantastic speakers who are also proper Tories.

Emma McClarkin MEP invites you to a great conference.

This is the 2nd time the East Midlands CF Conference has taken place and this year looks like it may be better than the last. As always the conference is hosted by Emma McClarkin MEP, who has taken some time out from fighting the good cause against a federal European superstate to speak to us. Also there will be Nicky Morgan MP, recently promoted to be Economic Secretary to the Treasury, and Sir Edward Garnier QC MP, not the hair shampoo man but a previous cabinet member and Solicitor General.

Nicky Morgan MP the new face at the Treasury.

As well as these three big names there are several other MPs, MEP candidates and Colonel Cooper. But if that's not enough for those interested in debate there is a free meal, which last year was top notch. Of course there is also copious amounts of freebees, which range from the obvious pens to the not so obvious mints.

The question of the day? Will Colonel Cooper be bringing KFC?

Richard Harris, the East Midlands Chairman, says "The second Annual East Midlands European Youth Conference allows Emma and I, along with the regional executive to showcase the very best of the talent that we have in the East Midlands, You will hear from a former cabinet member; the newly appointed Economic Secretary to the Treasury and your European Candidates for 2014; as well as paying tribute to an extremely inspirational lady, who also hails from here in the East Midlands. Of course I speak of Lady T who would have been 88 this week."

Richard Harris has worked to prepare a really good day.

This is definitely something you should go to and it only costs £5. The event takes place at the Hallmark Inn Hotel, Midland Road, Derby, DE1 2SN on Saturday 10am - 4:30pm. You can get your tickets here . What's even better for NUCA people is that Alex, the great treasurer of our society, says he will help towards travel cost through reimbursement.

There is no excuse not to come to the East Midlands Conference. I'll be there and so hopefully will you.

NUCA last year with Emma McClarkin

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