Sunday, 27 October 2013


It's that time again. Yes, it's Port and Policy!!!!!!

This Port and Policy had some serious debate for once, because the committee choose some very somber topics to discuss for some reason. Still we had two very good debates which brought back the usual flame of the NUCA Torch. The top debater of the night in my opinion was Badger for, in the most hilarious way possible, telling me to shut up after I said the usual "Mushroom, Mushroom" after she was called to speak. She is the only Badger to have moved the goalposts. 

So onto the account of the night. It was good to see so many freshers come back and some new faces. 

However some people are just not committed enough to fly several hundred miles to come to Port and Policy. #Shame

This obviously caused some hostility.

I have only blanked out the swear word from Sarvie out of fear from the new government plans for censorship. These rules apply to my blog as well as newspapers. #Shame.

#Shame also goes to Will for not even trying to wear something formal (although he did come up with a good debate).

Anyway, for the first time ever, we didn't run out of port during the evening. But Alfie was prepared for anything.

So onto the debates.

However the debate had a very clear result.

Not so swivel eyed Mr Howlett. Also, are you any relation to the bucket of water which is Chairman Howe? The debate on the Death Penalty didn't last long which pleased Jenny.

We then moved onto a great debate on mass immigration. Is it good or bad for the UK?

Shoaib however thought we were talking about either Cuba or Vietnam.

Our pretend Conservative, Ben, also put his views forward.

A Bulgarian Lady, who also works with the EU, then declared we're all citizens of the EU. She was met with a resounding boo and this point.

I was talking about what mattered though and that is 'sound money'.

But Archie our resident Communist, who doesn't have any economic, and following that, moral sense, deplored sound money and free markets. #Shame.

UKIP however wouldn't support free market economics, they are protectionist and nothing like Mrs Thatcher. Alfie however thought the Tories can learn from UKIP.

This debate, as you'd think, was heated and a proper debate.

With the passionate debate it was no surprise some accidents may have occurred. All cleaned up though SU officers.

So onto the next debate about Edward Snowden.

However I had a strong Opinion. Snowden is a villain because he sold the details of US spys to the South China Sea Gazette, a shameful act that put their lives at risk. However I did agree with Snowden's whistle blowing and used popular culture in my speech to show that.

I agree with Felipe though, Snowden isn't the only traitor.

Alex wanted to have a big say on this topic too.

And so the debate ended. It was indistinguishable as to whether the ayes or noes won the debate. We should have gone to democratically vote in the division lobby but Jenny casted a deciding vote.

So onto the last, and somber, debate on abortion.

Some controversy was said however when someone questioned science.

Another controversial was the whole idea of throwing out universal suffrage whenever women are mentioned.

So that was Port and Policy, but Jenny didn't come out to the after-porty.

So that's it for P and P. Or it would have been if it were not for Alex Potts being very keen for me to do a blog article.

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