Thursday, 3 October 2013

Weekly Poll Lowdown

Now that socialism is alive and well in the Labour Party I asked you what you thought about it. 54% of you have decried Socialism whilst 40% of you have backed the Labour Party in their unaccounted and unusable  policies. This either means that a lot of you are having a joke or are big Labour supporters who, in the largest display ever of stupidity over sense, back a Labour government in 2015. If you're the later I hope my blog highly annoys you.

Are you looking forward to a Labour Government which will bring back socialism and has £28 billion of spending unaccounted for?


Total votes: 35

How on Earth can the electorate back a socialist government? Admittedly some people have probably forgotten what Britain was like in the 1960s and 1970s, but history, when it is so clear that socialism is a death sentence for the country, is not the way to go around winning elections. The electorate will not want a return to a darker Britain where rubbish piled up in the streets, manufacturing declined, unemployment grew, the state controlled your lives and you paid the state twice when drinking in a state run pub. 

Vote Labour for Socialist failure.

Red Ed's policies have become greater than laughable. An apprenticeship programme illegal under European Law. Nationalisation of privately held land when the state deems it fit to take. Fixing prices on energy so that everyone pays more because nobody on the Labour front bench wanted to use any logic. Oh yes and, the icing on the cake, none of the new ideas for 'government'* are costed at all. So spending is going up, up, up and so is the debt and deficit. The UK's economic situation would be getting worse under Labour. 

But why has Labour done this? We know these are not vote winning ideas. Its because they're so much controlled by the trade unions, Especially Ed Miliband, that all the policies are written by them. A Labour government is really a Unite government. Which is good if you're a civil servant paid at £50,000 who is usually idle or trying to destroy all government policy; not so good if you're a hard working person. Ed Miliband is too weak to do the right thing for people.

Indeed it is only the Conservative who are for the population of the UK. If you're a hard working person who wants to improve their lives make sure you vote Conservative.

Vote Conservative.

*It's very hard to call it government rather than a massive mess.


  1. As David Cameron rightly said: "Red Ed and his Blue Peter Pan"....hastily cobbled together to make an impression!! I for one am GLAD he's gone back to the left as it's where their policies belong and makes a clear choice between a nanny state with a bankrupted economy and aspiration, opportunity and self-responsibility. The division will become even clearer nearer to the General Election and I think many "floating" Labour supports will get cold feet.

  2. the question was leading which means some of the yes votes could have been ironic