Saturday, 12 October 2013


I was on the Big Picture again on Wednesday after a long holiday from being on URN. Sadly I forgot to tell any of you to listen live which is a great shame. However all is not lost as you can listen to the Podcast of the show. We discussed the Party Conferences and the Banning of Lads Mags by the SU (with a little bit of Blurred Lines).

Luc Chignell, not a socialist but still and oppressor.

You can also listen to my supposed friend Luc Chignell who decided that the best thing to do was forget party solidarity and mock my brilliant ideas on Energy and Tax policy. #Shame to Luc Chignell, the CF Chair for Nottinghamshire, who needs to learn how to be Conservative. In protest we should thus boycott Luc's other radio show. DO NOT listen to his Country and Western Show tonight at 7pm on URN. Here is the link so you DO NOT listen.

Anyway back to the Big Picture. Listen to the Podcast here.

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