Saturday, 26 October 2013

Oktober Revolution

Last Thursday NUCA teamed up with the socialist oppressors of Labour Soc for joint bar crawl called the Oktober Revolution. The idea behind the bar crawl is for NUCA to chase the Labour Party across Nottingham in a set path of bars in order to catch them. If the Tories catch up with Labour, NUCA wins. However, if NUCA fails to catch up with Labour, they win. Thankfully there was a Con gain against Labour around 1030. NUCA victory!

The Conservatives were told to dress up, which is what usually happens for this event. However only two of us did; I came as Nigel Lawson and George, a fresher, came as Mrs T. 

Whilst at the first bar NUCA also elected its freshers reps for the year and they are Beth and Sam. I think they'll do pretty well and my advice to them is to hold freshers meet ups in bars occasionally so everyone gets to know each other pretty well.*

We went to many bars, I can't remember how many for obvious reasons, and in one of them some of the NUCA people got distracted by an old school Nintendo 64. I had a go to on Mario Kart and once I had worked out how to accelerate had a good few wins.

 The Oktober Revolution is a great event but just wait till we do the Fox Hunt later this year.

*Alex wants me to make it clear he and Badger organised some smashing meet ups last year and he has now copyrighted all freshers meet ups for the future.

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