Friday, 17 October 2014

Ed Miliband - 'Labour Party Lady'

Anger came from Harriet Harperson today after ITV revealed that she was not the top women in the Labour Party. ITV News introduced the leader of the Labour, Ed Miliband, as the 'Labour Party Lady'. In other words the most senior woman in charge of the party.

Ed Miliband also showed his leadership image off to its full potential whilst being interviewed by ITV.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Happy Birthday Baroness Thatcher

Happy birthday Baroness Thatcher. Britain's greatest peace time Prime Minister would have been 89 today. People up and down the country remember her free market radicalism which led to a revolution in Britain for all people. Margaret Thatcher was a capitalist working class radical.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Another Day At The Lib Dem Conference

Another day at the Lib Dem conference, another waste of time. The Lib Dems are really improving on the success of yesterday's conference. Will Cleggers keep his seat?

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Clacton RoadTrip [Video]

On Sunday the Conservatives struck back at Douglas Carswell. Over 150 Conservatives activists braved the heavy rain to campaign for Giles Watling, who will hopefully replace Carswell as MP for Clacton on Thursday. We reached all parts of the constituency canvassing residents and delivering patriotic leaflets to the people in what is a very beautiful part of Essex. The weather was the only downside, but whilst UKIP stayed in doors the Conservatives worked hard. Let's hope all this effort pays off.

Over To The Lib Dem Conference Hall

Says it all about the Lib Dems. Can things get better than 6% in the polls?

Exclusive: Conor Burns MP - Lady Thatcher Never Supported UKIP

Conor Burns, Conservative MP for Bournemouth West, yesterday told a group of tory activists that Margaret Thatcher never supported UKIP.

At a dinner after a RoadTrip to Clacton Conor Burns said “Margaret Thatcher was a Conservative to her fingertips and wished nothing more that our party in General Elections and good governance to the United Kingdom. And to anyone who speculates that Margaret Thatcher might have had sympathy for another political party, I tell you categorically she did not."

Conor Burns was a close friend Lady Thatcher and is well respected on the right wing of the Conservative Party. #ThingsElliottSays exclusively filmed this speech.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Conference RoadTrip [VIDEO]

At Conference the Conservatives didn't just party. Around 750 activists went out to the seat of Birmingham Northfield to deliver thousands of surveys on behalf of Rachel Maclean, the amazing Conservative candidate in this marginal seat.

It was a great, sunny afternoon where we put in lots of work to make sure the Conservatives take Birmingham Northfield as well as build up the momentum to form a majority government. The Labour party does not have this campaigning momentum. During their conference a similar campaign day in a target seat had only 23 activists. Pitiful compared to 750 Tories in a large amount of coaches.

David Cameron is so pleased with #RoadTrip2015 he stopped by to give his thanks for all our work. The Prime Minister is so pleased that thousands of Conservatives up and down the country are prepared to travel hundreds of miles to bring about a majority Government.

Enjoy the Video.