Monday, 17 February 2014

Exclusive: CF Election Scandal Proved

For two weeks consecutively TBG has published articles about Robert Graham, from South West CF, and an election scandal (these can be viewed here and here). The plot however thickens today after proof has emerged of a related conspiracy in South West CF.

The full details, which are long and quite onerous, in the form of quotes from Robert can be found on TBG but the scandal in a nut shell is this. Robert, who was standing as South West Membership Officer, sent out a very personal attack message about another candidate to all those who could have voted for him. Obviously this was not at all acceptable and Toby Elliott*, the regional chair, after an investigation took disciplinary actions. Robert has since apologised for his actions.

The offensive attack message.

However, Robert has alleged that Harry Ives, the Political Director for South West CF, had encouraged him to send this attack message. Harry was giving Robert advice about this election mostly over the phone. Robert, after an earlier phone conversation, had sent him the attack message over Facebook and Robert posted it after Harry had told him do so by text. This evidence however is circumstantial and Harry has denied that he knew about the personal attack message insisting he wanted Robert to send out a positive 5 point plan and did not see the full details of Roberts long Facebook message. Toby Elliott therefore found in his investigation that Harry had been negligent but did not find any evidence to prove that Harry had encouraged Graham to launch a very personal attack. Until now Robert's case has not been proven.

The Texts.

#ThingsElliottSays went to investigate this very peculiar story and found out some surprising things when speaking to the other candidate who Robert attacked. Interestingly the other candidate said that "Harry Ives persuaded me to run for membership officer position twice during one day of campaigning". This struck me as odd, as texts to Robert prove, it would mean Harry was backing both sides. A little odd.

Robert with Jeremy Hunt MP.

Investigation then continued on the texts between Robert and Harry. Robert said Harry would only speak on the phone to him about the attack message so this was quite hard. But there is a link which proves Robert's story in the texts. Rather weirdly part of Robert's consistent story is "something agreed in the phone call that he [Harry] said he would do for me is to write a 'WTF (what the fuck) message' below the message about the other candidate I sent, in order to help me out with support." Robert actually mentions this WTF message twice in the texts he sends to Harry before he posted the offensive attack message. Harry also acknowledges some sort of agreement over a WTF message in the texts saying 'he will respond after he has found his charger'.

Harry and Robert out campaigning last year.

Harry Ives, after #ThingsElliottSays spoke to him, said that  "On the 'wtf' issue, I am completely unable to respond because it's completely gone in my mind, as to me that's a tiny thing so it naturally would have diminished with time, and im fully aware that that will hurt me, especially because I know there would have been an explanation, I just don't have it." This of course goes against what Harry said to Robert in the texts before the personal attack was sent out. Harry did however "absolutely" admit the importance and memorability of the WTF message to Robert which means it is weird Harry has no idea what it means despite a big row that was started over this whole saga and an investigation.

Harry can offer no alternative to what the WTF message means and so this logical conclusion must be taken. Harry and Robert had previously discussed on the phone a plan to write a WTF message after Robert had written a message. Harry thus knew about the content of the message Robert was going to post because they had to be discussing it. If it were a 5 point positive plan that Robert was supposed to write as Harry has claimed a WTF message would not be appropriate. The only sort of message would only be appropriate would be an agreed personal attack message on the other candidate. The fact that part of Robert's story has been proven to be 100% correct with no alternate explanation from Harry shows that the rest of the story has validity.

Toby Elliott, Dr Liam Fox MP and Harry Ives.

There is clearly a provable conspiracy that Harry Ives encouraged Robert to write personal attacks against another candidate in the South West Publicity Elections.

Personally I believe Robert to be highly stupid to go along with such a silly act and carry out such a negative plan. Its is however impossible to deny that Harry does not have any guilt. This information has been sent to Toby Elliott who may now reassess this new information. The moral of this stupid, long and in grand TBG style #SensationallyRevealing story is use your bloody brain.

Some say Robert is the BoJo of CF, I'm not so sure about that.

*Great to see someone else can spell Elliott properly.


  1. Is this the same Harry Ives who dropped out of UCL because he lost his bid to be UCL Tories chairman in spite of packing the room with his supporters?
    Is this the same Harry Ives who then lied about getting a job as a stockbroker to cover his dropping out?
    Is this the same Harry Ives who hacked into peoples' UCL email accounts in order to get them to vote for him?
    Is this the same Harry Ives who backed George Galloway publicly over Syria while viciously decrying David Cameron as a 'warmonger'?

    But the real question is why is Harry Ives still allowed anywhere near the Conservative Party?

    1. Just wanted to refute a couple of points that have been left by someone who bravely decided to remain anonymous:

      "Harry Ives who dropped out of UCL because he lost his bid to be UCL Tories chairman" - he dropped out solely for reasons related to his course, might have had something to do with the time commitment he made in running a slate of 12 candidates for the UCLU elections.

      "Harry Ives who then lied about getting a job as a stockbroker" - I personally saw his contract of employment, he was definitely not lying about that.

      I lived with Harry for a year and knew him well from UCL Tories, I'm sure I know him better than whoever this person is.

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  3. If Robert Graham really wrote that message he sounds like a proper dickhead. He can't spell, his grammar is dreadful, and he sounds so up himself that I'm surprised he hasn't disappeared. In fact, surely this is a parody? I mean: "He always buys cider, never lager?" Really? And "He collects model trains?" And "He wore the wrong formal wear to a formal event?" Call the Police! It's a fashion crime! #facepalm

  4. Robert trying to be Frank Underwood? House of Cards season 3?

  5. Robert Graham is simply style and no substance. Everything he does and says, its all just to impress and wow people, not because he actually genuinely thinks or feels it. He is simply an example of someone who is just out to serve himself in CF and is just out to prove himself and is prepared to go to ruthless lengths to achieve it. A very dangerous individual and simply a bad influence on CF altogether.