Wednesday, 26 February 2014

YI In Election 'Chaos'

After the revelations on Monday that the YI elections are rigged, Young Independence (the UKIP youth movement) has descended into chaos.

#ThingsElliottSays has been sent some advertisements for and against Jack Duffin, the candidate who is rigged to become the next YI Chair after he conspired with the NEC. Firstly Jack Duffin's team are about to launch this poster (first seen on #ThingsElliottSays).

I think this campaign poster has backfired somewhat considering no one can trust someone who has rigged an election, no one can trust Nigel (at least in YI if not in general) and Jack Duffin is advertising his own bribery money. What a crook.

Secondly YI has started to use attack ads, although CF had equally as many sad people who made these too at the last elections.

Great Photoshop skills.

#ThingsElliottSays senior YI source has said "It has all descended into chaos. YI members are not happy that Jack Duffin has rigged the elections, they also think the NEC doesn't care about them. I have spoken to many people who refuse to vote in protest of the poor quality of candidates and the conspiracy in YI." The source further said "I bet people will leave YI soon. We have no voice".

Nigel has abandoned YI.

Another YI member said to #ThingsElliottSays on Jack Duffin that he "is no stranger to unsavoury tactics, he resorted to threatening people who planned to stand for council positions against those he wanted in - that's why there are so few positions up for election compared to last time around. He also stood down from the last council because he fell out with every single member. Why would UKIP want this kind of troublemaker anywhere near the leadership of YI unless he was to be nothing other than a pawn?"

Jack Duffin with Paul Nuttal MEP.

A person who left YI recently also told #ThingsElliottSays "its like the community YI used to have online has sort of broken down irreparably. Theres nothing Duffin is proposing that's gonna fix that, just lots of him getting paid and touring the country to up his own profile. The days of Harry Aldridge seem like a long long time ago"

#ThingsElliottSays spoke to Jack Duffin but he declined to comment on why he rigged the elections. Chris Wood, a Hampshire County Councillor, also declined to comment when #ThingsElliottSays informed him personally of the election fixing.

You know YI is in chaos when five sources, totally on there own, approach #ThingsElliottSays to decry YI.


Looks like YI has turned to huge infighting over this election. No wonder considering it's an absolute farce. I got this message on Twitter.

YI is about to go into civil war mode.

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