Tuesday, 11 February 2014

#ThingsElliottSays Campaigning in Clifton North and with William Hague

Yes after a short break #ThingsElliottSays has returned. I have been ultra busy over the last few days and I'll tell you about two of the things which happened to me.

Photo of William Hague in full flow, taken by Alex Bright.

First off on Thursday I went to see William Hague at East Midlands fundraising dinner for the European elections. Our NUCA treasurer, Alex Bright, sat on the top table with the Foreign Secretary, if only Mr Hague knew how many times Alex has told us the Burmese Embassy story. The food was pretty good and William Hague gave a very good speech under difficult circumstances (the PA system was terrible and he had to shout his speech due to the terrible echo in the hall). Hague said some very important things firstly that even with budget cuts the foreign office is doing more than ever and has opened up a large amount of new embassies and is pushing for more trade with countries across the globe. You would never have seen David Miliband doing that. Furthermore Hague confirmed what we have all suspected; when the new EU referendum bill is put to the commons the government will use the Parliament Acts to get it past the House of Lords, who have shown themselves to be very democratic of late.

Just some of the Conservatives out last Thursday.

There was no rest for me however as the next day I went out campaigning with NUCA members for the Clifton North by-election. There we met the Conservative candidate Andrew Rule, who is a great local champion, and several other Nottingham Conservatives. We leafleted a very large area of Clifton North in a very short amount of time; it's great to have a very large amount of people helping as it shows how much confidence people have in Andrew. Afterwards we went to the pub (this is how all campaigning sessions should end).

Sam delivering a leaflet.

Andrew has specific local knowledge and cares for everyone in the ward. He is the Chairman of the Wilford Community Group and spends a lot of his time helping his neighbours in Clifton North. Andrew told me whilst campaigning that he is very much aware of the problems effecting businesses and people caused by the tram works and if elected will help to ease the congestion and fight for the council to compensate businesses.

NUCA members out campaigning with Andrew.

Andrew is far better and more in touch with people of Wilford, Silverdale and Clifton than the Labour candidate Pat Ferguson. Pat doesn't even live in the same parliamentary constituency as the residents of Clifton North. Pat lives Aspley, miles from anyone who lives in the ward. I personally think it is disheartening when major political parties cannot stand candidates in seats who live in or next to a ward. the Labour candidate has no real demonstrable connection with Clifton North, what a shame.

Andrew is the local choice for Clifton North.

I thus think Andrew Rule is the best choice for Clifton North; I encourage everyone in the ward to vote for him and the Conservatives.

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