Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Lazy Lefties

The leftwing have gotten rather lazy at Nottingham University. The last few days saw strikes across the country because lecturers want more than a 1% rise in wages. One of my lecturers said to me last year that this demand is rather unfair because people across the country are a lot worse off and seeing less rises in wages than university lecturers. I agree with that sentiment.

Not many people come to the strikes at Nottingham Uni.

I'm rather tired of all these strikes when all we want to do is attend lectures and seminars. Yes lecturers have to work and often they do over time as well, but that is like most jobs. It would seem that Young Green President Duncan Davis, who till now has always been with the handful of lecturers who bother to show up at the picket lines, is tired of these strikes as well. He slept in on Monday during a 2 hour strike and so did some of his socialist friends. The lefties are becoming very lazy.

I did rather like his reply to me however.

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