Friday, 14 February 2014

Out and About in Clifton North

Today I was out with NUCA and the Nottingham Tories highlighting to the good people of Wilford, Silverdale and Clifton the abilities and asset of Andrew Rule, the Conservative Candidate in the Clifton North by-election. Everyone has been really keen to help Andrew because he is a great local champion who knows exactly what is going on in the ward as he is currently the leader of the Wilford Community Group.

Campaigning in the rain.

Today we did some canvassing; one of our NUCA members had never been out canvassing before and was excited to get going. However today was not the best day to learn the ropes as it was pouring with rain. We were soaked. But Andrew and the team soldiered on and despite the rain we actually made some good headway in Wilford. We had a good crowd of people out there and we got a large number of voting intentions.

Drenched but still happy.

But we decided to go the extra mile and do some telephone canvassing afterwards so we could speak to residents about local issues. Andrew is very keen to do everything he can for the residents of Clifton North and has already started compiling a list of things residents would like to change, many things are small but they are still important. Today we had issues raised about the tram works, littering, anti-social behaviour, parking, dog poo, pot holes and sleeping policeman; Andrew will investigate all these problems if elected as councillor.

Andrew and the team spent a lot of extra hours concentrating on the issues raised by residents.

Please vote for the hard working local Conservative candidate Andrew Rule on Thursday 6th March in the Clifton North by-election.

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