Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Yes We Canning (Exclusive Interview)

Our congratulations today go to Stephen Canning who was selected as Eastern Region Chairman by the CF National Executive and Regional College.

The position of CF Chair for the East has been a point of contention of late since CCHQ's debacle of messing up the paper work of the last Chairman for the East, Samantha Hoy. Now these issues have been sorted, Stephen will bring the Eastern Region back to the forefront of CF campaigning. In the East there are many marginal seats which need to be taken or held in 2015. The East is a key area.

Stephen Canning Standing by his Manning.

Stephen told #ThingsElliottSays that he is "delighted to have been elected as the next regional chairman of the East of England. We've got so many fantastic branches and dedicated members that across the region."

Stephen would like everyone in the East to chip in and help win in 2015. He said that "I'm not coming into this with my own agenda I want to push or own plan I want to force upon people, I'm stepping into role with the hope that right across the region we can all work together to achieve what everyone in the region wants."

We wish Stephen all the best and we think he'll do an excellent job.


  1. Bad day for Tory youth. Canning is just another crony.

  2. A wannabee MP who used to buy Twitter followers...

  3. "CCHQ's debacle of messing up the paper work of the last Chairman for the East", yeah we all totally believe that. Hoy freely admits she didn't submit her nomination because she was oblivious to the election.

    Good luck to Canning.