Friday, 15 November 2013

Sarah Jane Carries Out #CFCensorship

Sarah Jane Sewell has found herself in another media storm today after censoring comments on the Conservative Future Christmas Party and Drinks Reception, which she is an admin for.

Several Prominent CFers have left comments on the Facebook group and they have been deleted. Free speech or what hey? #ThingsElliottSays spoke to Harry Chitty, one of the people who had their comments deleted. He said he posted on the page "Why is the price for non-CF members the same as actual CF members? What's the point in calling it a 'CF Christmas Party' then?". He then alerted #ThingsElliottSays to the fact "Several others commented were also deleted."

Another anonymous commenter said he wrote, once he realised what was happening, "These comments on this page disappear faster than pics on Snap Chat!" One of the people who observed what was going on was Mahyar Tousi (#TeamShadow). He said to #ThingsElliottSays that the majority of the deleted tweets were about people complaining about how expensive the cash bar was.

Sarah Jane promises to be transparent, open and accountable. That lasted a long time.

SJ's censorship is very interesting because the First line of 'A Conservative and Unionist Pledge to ...' , which she signed in January as a means to get elected, said she would 'promote transparency, openness and accountability throughout Conservative Future'. Clearly that promise has been chucked straight out of the window. To be fair though Sarah Jane did warn us of this when she posted in her election Facebook group 'Don't trust words, trust actions'.

Other forms of censorship have taken place on this event too. The CF Chairman, Colonel Cooper, was also an admin on this event until he was kicked off. Wonder who by? Also I have not been invited to go to the Christmas Event, despite being a CFer that I'm very sure Sarah Jane Sewell knows about. Which is a shame really because I might have wanted some canapes.

I think Sarah Jane Sewell is now most definitely out of control and is not being a responsible CF officer, she is passively attacking members of CF. How can a CF officer censor what people are constructively saying, bar the chairman from being an admin on an event and pick and choose out of all the CFers who should come to this Christmas Party. It's almost as if Sarah Jane is running SJ Future and doesn't care about people in her party, like Marshall Stalin or Nigel Farage.

I think a message needs to be sent back to Sarah Jane Sewell and that is to resign. Remember I'm saying this as someone who should be Sarah Jane's best friend; since I went to school with her and was a keen supporter of her till #CPC13. CF is now fed up with you're childish behaviour when the rest of us are trying to run/go to socials and campaign to win in 2015. You've let everyone down. #SJOut.


Ben Corbidge has also been shown up yesterday for not doing his job with disappearing act to Dubai (see Where is the CF Best Practice Officer?).


  1. Grow up you little swine

  2. #sjin #cooperout

  3. Whats your readership? 2?

  4. Conference 2011 insider15 November 2013 at 01:52

    Miss Sewell has been insecure of criticism ever since Mr Tousi ignored her at Conference 2011 in favour of Ms Emily Hilditch. All downhill since then.

  5. Who is this? It's clearly the same person as the above comments were posted virtually at the same time and came when only one person viewed the post. Bit suspicious if you ask me. Looks like someone is trying to mount a personal hate campaign.

  6. Hi there,

    I've been involved with CF for around 3 years and I originally joined because I wanted to find a boyfriend, but I've not had much luck so far.

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    Peter Tolman

  7. Who the frig Peter Tolman ahahahahahaha

    Good article as always Elliot.

    Don't know what's going on in CF these days!

  8. CF needs Tory Totty, i'll be forever loyal to SJ.