Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Made in Braintree

I don't watch Made in Chelsea, The Only Way Is Essex, Born in Bognor or all that sort of stuff. People may say I am not very reem; but then I will ask what the hell that means?

But Stephen Canning, the Eastern Chair, loves all this stuff. As well as picking up on all the terms from The Only Way is Essex; he is now becoming famous as man who works at dry cleaners on Made in Chelsea.

Stephen ran a very successful Eastern CF event at #CPC13

Some random man went to Stephen about his clothes which needed washing and sewing. This, camp but overly posh, chap said to Stephen "it's 19th century and I trust you". Stephen came in with the epic line of "yes, yes we do" when the bizarre person asked if there was a seamstress. Of the experience Stephen said "I put on a really weird voice on it for some reason".

Of course this is not the First Time Stephen has been famous. Perhaps we will see more of him on the media in the future.


The fame continues in the Daily Mail.

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