Saturday, 2 November 2013

CF Halloween Party Attended by a Handfull

Last Night's CF Halloween Party seemed to scare away all the guests. CFers have contacted #ThingsEliottSays to say that there were only a handful of CF members who stayed longer than 5 mins at the Halloween Party that took place at Zoo Bar in Leicester Square. One CFer told #ThingsElliottSays 'The turnout was abysmal and I only saw four people in one booth, that was it'. The Halloween party has built upon the roaring success of last years speaker Chris Kelly MP whose speech in a night club was heard by nobody due to the loud noise.

However one Halloween party was busy and that is of #TeamJasmine who held a tricks and treats party less than two minutes away at the Foundation Bar. #ThingsElliottSays was invited but sadly could not attend. Another prominent CFer said to #ThingsEllliottSays 'People were there who you just don't expect to be at an event like this. Andre Walker and Olly Neville were there. It was a really great night.' Also at the club was Tom Felton, or Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter, which CFers found interesting.

Here are a collection from the photos of the night.

Full party room.

Shadow and Cooper

Missing ex-UoN student Guy Bentley.

John Cope with Vampire Shadow

unusual sighting of Olly Neville.

Thumbs up from CFers to #TeamJasmine

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