Saturday, 23 November 2013

Antonia Jade Now King of Royal Holloway CF

Last night was the Royal Holloway CF Committee elections. The branch was set up last year by Sarah Jane Sewell and was run by her till yesterday when members decided to elect Antonia Jade as the new President. Antonia Jade won by a large margin to be the King of Royal Holloway CF.

The New King of  Royal Holloway CF on the phones at CCHQ.

Weirdly for #ThingsElliottSays, lots of CFers have been coming to me giving quotes on what they think about the election results at Royal Holloway. Jon Bolton, ex-leader at London University CF, said "after failing to stand up for students in the face of trade union militancy it is unsurprising that SJS faced an uphill battle to retain the respect of conservatives". A senior student Tory said  "it looks like SJS's own uni has thrown her out at the first chance it got, with any luck the rest of CF will do the same if she carries on with her fatally wounded bid to be National Chairman, she certainly won't have any support amongst students after her striking run of missteps, failures and ego-trips".

Sources close to Sarah Jane and at Royal Holloway have also confirmed that SJ didn't want there to be any elections at all in the CF branch. These sources have all confirmed that this was because "she wanted to have full control over the branch, for no reason".

At the Freshers Fair.

Antonia Jade said on Facebook 'Just been elected President of the Royal Holloway Conservative Society Incredibly happy!x' and she was 'absolutely blown away by the support. Thanks to you all! x.' #ThingsElliottsays wishes congratulations to to Antonia Jade and hopes she will run Royal Holloway CF very well. 


  1. Jon Boulton for CF Chair!

  2. Nice to see they replaced her with some tory totty. SJ till I die though!

  3. One failed mistake after another, if she hopes to be National Chair she is going need one hell of a Hail Mary

  4. King won by one vote after a smear campaign against Sewell and Needham.

  5. I'm resigning my membership. Antonia is a lefty. What is this world coming to?