Friday, 1 November 2013

Canvassing in Radford and Park

A few days ago now I was out in Radford and Park calling for the good people who live in the ward to support the Conservative candidate for the Radford and Park by-election, Nick Packham. Nick is a great guy who is the only local standing in the by-election. He thus knows the problems of the ward quite well and will make this his focus if he is elected on November 7th.

Out campaigning with Nick.

I went out and helped with Nick and the Conservative collect returns for a questionnaire asking local people what problems they're facing. It is good to know what the local problems are in the area. We got a very good reply from these questionnaires and all the information is being collected so Nick can help the people of Radford and Park even greater.

Now that we know who all the candidates are it is a good time to examine some of Nick's opposition. There is David Bishop who is the Elvis candidate. David stood in the Wollaton West by-election in June as the anti-HS2 Elvis Candidate; this time he is standing as the Elvis Loves Pets Party.

There is UKIP too. The candidate is a man from Italy who has done a lot around the world. However, until I got my postal vote ballot paper, I didn't know his name. He forgot to include it on his literature. Oh dear.

Who is the UKIP candidate?

The Lib Dems are strangely not standing either. This is because the Lib Dems got 2 people to sign their candidacy form on the wrong side of the street and thus the wrong ward. So no Lib Dem candidate was allowed and Seb has a problem of who he is going to vote for.

Of course there is no doubt that the main opposition is the Labour Party. The Labour Candidate is Anne Peach, chosen unmeritocraticly in an all women's selection. However, Anne doesn't even live in the ward, she lives in Lenton. However Labour are trying to change facts and are calling 'Radford and Park' ward 'Radford, Lenton and the Park' ward. Not the first time Labour has told half truths to the electorate.

Lilian Greenwood changing facts in trying to get Labour elected.

Furthermore, I am worried that Anne, with the rest of Nottingham Labour is out to use students as a scapegoat for all of Radford and Parks problems. Indeed Anne has signed up to Labour's policy of no students in the Lenton triangle and is 'Opposing Houses in Multiple Occupation that are changing the nature our community'. This is dangerously similar to the ideas of Cllr Aslam who said it's a 'shame' students are allowed to live in Lenton as was reported on the Tab. Indeed there is a very nice photo of Anne with Cllr Aslam, a bit awkward. 

Anne is opposing student houses in the Lenton triangle.

Anne with student hating Cllr Aslam. Bit awkward.

But there is also downright lies being employed by Labour in trying to get people to vote for them. Have a look at this.

I have never seen a piece of paper with so many twists and so many untruths, very negative and shameful politics. Firstly Nottingham is receiving record investment because of the Coalition Government, look at the train station to name one thing. Nottingham Council is one of the biggest and best funded councils in the country, places like Cambridgeshire (a Tory heartland) are crying out for funding on the scale of Nottingham. Also scaremongering young people with phoney cuts to benefits and welfare is not the way to go around things (reminds me of the leaflets Gordon Brown put out telling cancer patients they'd have drugs cut with the Tories). And on the general undertones of the Tories making the economy worse this is not true, as we have seen things are getting better. Family incomes are up, Employment is at a record high and growth has returned. Under Labour all these things went in the wrong direction.

Nottingham Labour king of dishonest politics.
This is an example of negative politics at it's worst and Labour has devoted 1/4 of it's literature to it. Personally I think they should withdraw such false and twisted claims and also Nottingham Labour's slogan 'Positive Politics from Nottingham Labour'. 

It's only the Conservatives that can truly deliver a better Radford and Park and Labour are either proposing policies to deliberately scapegoat and harm students or trying to falsely vilify the Conservatives. 

On Thursday 7th November get out there and vote for Nick Packham and the Conservatives.

Vote Nick Packham, Vote Conservative.

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