Friday, 15 November 2013

The EU Abandons Gibraltar

The EU today has officially abandoned the people of Gibraltar and their democratic right to self determination (not that it ever believed in democracy in the first place).

Despite a flagrant abuse of restricting the borders by Spain, under the guise of cigarette smuggling, the EU has said that no laws have been broken. The bonkers EU Commission said today it had "not found evidence to conclude that the checks on persons and goods as operated by the Spanish authorities at the crossing point of La Línea de la Concepción have infringed the relevant provisions of Union law."

The People of Gibraltar want to be British and its shocking how the EU will not deal with Spanish despotism. 

So who do the EU commission criticise for the massive queues in Gibraltar, yes the British/Gibraltarians. They say we should "develop risk-based profiling (in particular Gibraltar should ensure non-systematic and risk analysis-based checks on travellers and their belongings upon exit from Gibraltar at the crossing point of La Línea de la Concepción); optimising legislation and safeguards in view of contributing to an efficient fight against tobacco smuggling; and develop the exchange of intelligence on tobacco smuggling with Spain."

This is just another reason why we should leave the EU because they have no respect for Gibraltar and it's democratic rights. The Spanish has clearly attempted a semi-siege on Gibraltar to try and woo the people of Spain who are crippled by sky high unemployment. To me this is just another reason to leave this anti-democratic institution.

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  1. As this is against what is left of the British Empire we should tell Spain to 'behave'