Friday, 15 November 2013

Breaking News: Nadim Muslim to be next NTUCF Chairman

#ThingsElliottSays, as promised here, is now paying out on odds 9/11 to all those who placed bets on Nadim Muslim to be the next CF Chairman. Nadim is the only candidate to be the next NTUCF Chairman in the online vote. His success will will not be announced at the AGM on the 25th November because as I have just been told the AGM has now been reduced to an informal meet up in Trent SU rules and has no electoral meaning (corrections from Trent SU specialists).

I think Nadim will do a good job as NTUCF chair and will use his experience to guide a fairly high number of intake of freshers this year into the Trent Tories. Nadim exclusively told #ThingsElliottSays "I'm looking forward to building upon the success of NTU CF once more, and I'm thrilled that the majority of the committee is comprised of freshers, something that is vital to the success of our branch."

With Boris' backing, Nadim will be the new NTUCF Chair.

As Nadim alluded to, the rest of his committee will be made up by freshers who were the only people to apply for the positions of Deputy Chair (who will be Ollie Saddington), Social Secretary (Clara Boyland) and Treasuer (Giuliano Pisarski). Of course, like Nadim's position, none of these will be officially elected till the AGM.

#ThingsElliottSays wishes NTUCF another successful year where I hope to see them at Pint and Policies and out on the campaign trail.


  1. That's a rather unfortunate set of odds.

  2. Some friends pointed this out to me, I had my bookies hat on.