Monday, 30 September 2013

#CPC13 Day 1

So it's my first ever conference and the first day was amazing. Here is a sum up of the day. 

The first thing I saw was all the lefties on the march through the centre of Manchester demanding no cuts to government and the economic collapse of Britain, a very good idea. There were also some smaller groups at the entrance of the conference from the NHS Party to people warning us about milk. The Badger people were also there telling  us about how the country is now run by the National Framer's Union, which I was not aware of. Indeed a giant badger started stalking us later shouting 'tally ho' and other hunting phrases, its 'what ho' not 'tally ho'. the protestors were quite extreme but Colonel Cooper and Mahyar 'Shadow' Tousi got the worst of it. 

But onto what really matters, the conference itself. I spent the day with Nadim Muslim and Alex Bright, forming a Nottingham trio, and we went around some of the fringe stalls. The best freebees on offer were the TSB bags which contained some rock, which has sold me into opening a new account. We voted in the Daily Politics mood box on the question of 'who was the strongest leader Cameron or Thatcher?'. Some mad people believed that Cameron was stronger than Thatcher, I hope they were pointed to the mental health stands. We also saw Elvis at the fringe singing to a lady having a coffee.

We had fun in the main hall too. We were a few rows in front of the action with Philip Hammond when it all kicked off about the 2nd Royal Fusiliers and here is the video that I got of it. Sadly I forgot to bring an SD reader to conference so I am using other people's photos.

William Hague however was the main player of the day for us. He gave the best speech today at conference, despite his cold, and told us about how with a growing Foreign Office presence across the world the UK is becoming a bigger global player every day. As we left the Hall I also met William Hague and congratulated him on his speech to which he thanked me for. Later on he popped up again at the Friends of Gibraltar event where he and the Chief Minister of Gibraltar gave a speech on how Gibraltar will remain British and not used as a bargaining chip with Spain like under the last Labour Government. #Sound.

Loving Mrs Hague's shoes.

At the Gibraltar event we met Andrew Rosindell MP, the Chief Finance Minister for Jersey, Philip Hammond (who had recovered from the protests) and the great Jacob Rees Mogg. Indeed we bumped into several MPs during the day including Robert Halfon who said he reads my blog. But the best chance meeting was Grant Shapps who had dinner with us at Nandos. We talked about Team 2015 (which Dave really loves) and how the party has really sharpened up its image, if this continues we will be in a great position for the General Election. 

Dinner with Grant Shapps

So that's the first day of conference. I'll be back tomorrow with more things to say about #CPC13. 

Exclusive: Sneak Preview of Tory Party Political Broadcast

A short while ago I told you about how I was at the filming of the new party political broadcast for the Conservatives. Back then its was all very hush hush so I only released two photos. Well here is the full lot considering it will be shown soon anyway and so there's no need to keep a secret.

The plot is that we are setting up a campaign stall and promoting how the Conservatives are for hard working people, the theme of #CPC13, through a new website being launched by the party. I wonder what the finished product will be like?

Friday, 27 September 2013

Back and Then Gone

I'm back after a break of a few days. Why, you may ask, were there no postings? Well it's because, between watching several episodes of Monty Python's Flying Circus, I was unable to write from the shock of the Labour Party Conference.

You may remember that I wrote about how Red Ed is "bringing back socialism", well he really is. Labour are proposing price controls on Energy Companies, the Nationalisation of land not built upon by developers and the Royal Mail, raids on pensions through the pretence on a tax on bankers and the return to high taxes for all when we all know that the lower the taxes are the more money the government gets.

And why are they doing this? It's all because of Union control. Ed Miliband who was elected by them is now promising a return to an age where unaccountable Trade Unions were powerful over the people. Where unions could stop a country economically, nurses refused to treat people and corpses were unburied. The good old age of Socialist Britain, hey. I bet Len McLuskey is pleased though.

At least we can start filling in this empty book.

This is a stupid move for Ed Miliband because people don't want socialism. It's becoming clearer by the day as policy announcements unwind that this is a failed plan and many in Labour recognise this. Chuka Umunna, Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper are opposed to Ed's energy plans and so are Peter Mandleson and Tony Blair, who knows how Labour can win elections. Ed Miliband is going out of his way so much to make a 2015 Conservative Majority more likely. 

So what now for me? Well I'm off to conference to see Dave and chums tell us all what they have planned for a Conservative victory. I'm much looking forward to seeing friends and mocking Nadim Muslim, interim chair at Nottingham Trent, for his excellent photo on his pass. I want to do a few posts during conference but this may not happen because I want to be doing as much as possible. So see you in Manchester. 

Great Picture Nadim.

P.S. If you're dying to see the results of the weekly poll, I'll announce the results of the weekly poll on Thursday and do a short poll on Conservative Conference after that.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Lord Mocroft Poll Results

Lord Mocroft of Colchester has released the data from his last poll and it makes for interesting reading. 220 people took part in the latest CF Poll with 87% of these people being members of Conservative Future.

Mo busy polling CFers.

Its seems that generation Y is the most common set of beliefs in CF. 60% of CFers are in favour of gay marriage, which is a great deal higher than levels polled in the Conservative Party itself. CF has also been shown to be highly euro-sceptic with 72.5% of you wanting to leave the EU if there was a referendum tomorrow (I hope you will all be voting that way in 2017). David Cameorn would not be pleased with the last result.

Dave has taken even a greater knocking of foreign aid policy with 70.2% believing there should be a cut in money given or for it to be abolished completely. Similarly Dave received underwhelming support with Syria as only 19% of you think we should have intervened there. However the PM received support from CFers on immigration as 85.85% backed the illegal immigrant vans and 75% of voters think immigration should go back to the 10s of thousands not 100s of thousands.

On the Conservative Party as a whole 55% say Labour is the biggest threat to a Tory 2015 majority followed by UKIP at 33% (some mad people think the Lib Dems, Greens and BNP are the greatest threat to the Tories). In CF most people think 'it's a great people to meet like minded people' and 'full of weirdos', the later is not a surprising result.

CF is full of weirdos.

So there you are and much thanks goes to Mo for your poll. Can't wait for your third installment.


It's that time of year again, University has started at Nottingham. This also means societies are up and running including the excellent Nottingham University Conservative Association. NUCA has been launching itself for the year with a new fantastic website, designed by Andy the Publicity Officer (not Secretary), and being at the freshers fair.

 Alex with some interested freshers.

If you're a fresher this is a must join society even if you're are a Labour Party member (many of our current members are friends with Red Ed). Why is that? It's because NUCA is one of the most active societies on campus with the famous Port and Policies where we debate the issues of the day with a glass, or two, of the best fortified wine. And what else is there? We have bar crawls, question times, trips to Brussels, keynote speakers plus much, much more. Not convinced yet? Well we have lots of free stuff and more is to come over the year.

The NUCA team at the stand.

But who else did I also see at the freshers fair. There was the Lib Dems, much adored by Seb, who were trying to show freshers what they were doing in Government*. There was also the Labour Party who are a pretty fun bunch to argue against at Port and Policies; I'm very much looking forward to the next drink and debate (their version of port and policy). The Young Greens were there too and they told me that my blog was 'horrible' and 'wrong'. I must be doing something right if the socialists are disagreeing so much with me.

LabourSoc are the best part of the Labour Party. The rest of it is hopeless.

So anyway freshers make sure you join NUCA the best society on campus.

Join NUCA the greatest society on Campus.

*Sadly this is bugger all.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Weekly Poll Lowdown

Well it seems the Lib Dem conference is too boring to even comment upon. Only 4 of you voted and half of those people were either sarcastic or Lib Dem members when they said 'I love Lib Dem conferences. Why am I not there now?'. 

What do you think of the Lib Dem conference.

I was excited by the prospect of a by-election when Ed Davey was nearly killed by a falling sign.
I am a keen beard spotter so am watching every moment, but not for the politics.
I love Lib Dem conferences. Why am I not there now?

Total votes: 4

I think the Lib Dem conferences are pointless. Nothing really went on of any interest except Ed Davey getting attacked by a sign that fell over in the wind. I guess wind power is not as friendly as Ed wishes to make out.

The Lib Dem conference seemed to be focussed around two things this year. Firstly a 5p charge on carrier bags which is a terrible policy because this industry employs many people and doesn't solve the problem of a cleaner environment because those who throw litter will still be doing so. Also why is this suddenly a Lib Dem flagship policy it's not a vote winner but yet that was the only policy being talked about. Nobody will say in 2015 "I'm voting Lib Dem because I want to pay 5p for every carrier bag". Nick Clegg really needs to think more about saving his seats not coming up with pointless nonsense.

The new enemy of the state, those who use plastic bags to go shopping.

The other big story was the fact that Vince Cable, the Anti-Business Secretary, made a fuss by coming out as opposed to the Lib Dem leadership and its economic policies. Vince Cable has done bugger all in his job except slap more regulation on business and hike across the Indian Sub Continent in a desperate attempt to increase trade despite the EU tariffs. This is not the way to run a department if we're to grow the economy, create jobs and make everyone's lives better. Cable's policies are from the dark days of a command economy where everyone was equal, equally poor and abused by the state. It's a wonder he still has a job, please fire him Dave. 

Vince has caused great friction, not just with Conservatives but also with Nick Clegg and Danny Alexander who have enough brains to realise he will try for the leadership of the party and try take it to the left of Social Democracy. Both actions would destroy what's left of the party. But this may happen anyway due to the Lib Dems madly loving the good Dr just because he says that he alone predicted the crash. However this is not true because everyone could see a new recession coming apart from Gordon Brown*. I bet even Napoleon III predicted the crash, and he's been dead for over one hundred years. 

Dr Vince Cable looking down upon the mere people who must be controlled by a state run economy.

So there we are, a boring conference where the most major things were Ed Davey's near death experience, carrier bags becoming top Lib Dem priority and a mad and backward seventy year old man upsetting everyone. This picture of course makes everyone want to vote Lib Dem. I hope Seb realises soon the Lib Dem bird is dead. 


*If we are realistic he could see it coming too because he increased state spending to avoid small recessions in 2006 and 2007, which made the 2008 crash worse for the UK. Gordon just said stupidly "we have ended boom and bust".

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