Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Exclusive: Controversial Gareth Shanks To Rejoin CF And Stand As National Chairman

The widely known and controversial Gareth Shanks is set to rejoin the Conservatives so that he can stand as National CF Chairman. Shanks is both an ex-YI and ex-CF member who has been controversial in his hard-line opposition to Israel and vehement trade union activity against Government cuts.

#ThingsElliottSays was tipped off by several highly reliable sources that Shanks was about to rejoin the Conservative Party to stand as National CF Chairman. When #ThingsElliottSays asked Shanks about this he replied "I've taken a bit of a break on CF for a while and done a lot of thinking, but all I can really say is my mind is made up one way ... the Tories need a strong youth wing to push things forward, that has to be the start. The basis of any winning general election campagin [sic] is a united and strong youth wing, can the current chairman prospects do this, I don't think so. But what I can say is I've had a lot of CF members saying that CF needs a new approach."

Shanks at the last Party Conference.

#ThingsElliottSays then put it to Shanks that he has virtually said he will rejoin CF and stand as the National Chairman he then replied "Well then you virtually know already then". Based on this and numerous very reliable sources I think we can all see the truth.

Shanks has been a controversial figure over his views on Israel and Palestine. Shanks told #ThingsElliottSays he has been doing "Just union work lately [and] helping to run some Palestine demos". He also told #ThingsElliottSays that if he was in charge of CF there would be "none of this pro Israel YBF sh*#e."

Shanks has campaigned on a number occasions against Government cuts.

Gareth shows a number controversial views about government cuts, capitalism, Israel and the Commonwealth. You can see all these on his very active Twitter account here.

Gareth Shanks further went onto talk about how the Conservatives polling problems stem from issues over Gaza. He said to #ThingsElliottSays "I think if more people got behind Cameron instead of running off and backing elements of the social cons or the libertarians the Tories would be clear in the polls. All this infighting in sad really, and labour are going to walk in due to it. I mean look at Gaza. Crowing from neo-cons over the war crimes committed by Gaza show the out of touch Tory attitude which could lose them the next election, 52% of Brits think Israel is in the wrong, with only 20 odd thinking they're in the right."

Leading young conservative Stephen Hoffman has told #ThingsEllliottSays that if Shanks was to stand for election "he will get annihilated. This guy is unsuitable. This is an election year and he has no leadership experience, no campaigning experience, is a serial party deserter and has a history of disgusting statements. He should be as far away as becoming CF leader, as I am from going on the moon."

North West London CF Chair Charlotte Kude has also been very disapproving of Shanks' views. She has said to #ThingsElliottSays "Obviously some of the behaviour towards Palestinians is appalling but Israel has a right to defend itself. They're a western democracy surrounded by authoritarian Arab states that want its destruction. We should stand for whichever system we think best promotes and respects individual freedom and the answer is pretty obvious."

Shanks and Owen Jones, a big opponent of Israel.


  1. Unless he has been a party member for three months, he can't stand. His nomination will likely get rejected.

  2. What? He is clearly dillusional if he thinks he has any chance of winning!


  3. I would welcome Shanks as CF chairman
    His bold economic agenda, combined with his nuanced foreign policy views, are just what is needed to rebuild CF in the urban north

  4. Oh yes, thats just what CF needs. An anti-cuts Marxist. #facepalm

  5. Vladimir Lenin29 July 2014 at 13:26

    Excellent entryism, comrade!

  6. AHA! One of my minions! He will be great at destroying what is left of CF and allow UKIP to ruin the Tories' youth wing! Keep it up, Shanks!

  7. Anyone who poses with the evil Owen Jones is the enemy.

  8. http://www.columnist.org.uk/2014/07/03/why-i-am-a-socialist/

    The People's flag is red as blood!

  9. I know who I'm voting for! Choice of the people.

  10. Have Conservative Future gone mad? Has Gareth Shanks gone mad? The man is a left-wing crank, pure and simple.

    1. Samuel Fletcher's Trousers30 July 2014 at 10:29

      Samuel please don't get agitated. You know what you do to me when you get agitated.