Thursday, 10 July 2014

Labour Clifton North Councillor Attacks Residents Over 'Blasphemy'

I think we can all agree with Cllr Graham Chapman, the deputy Leader of Nottingham City Council, that we should all very proud that Nottingham has been found to be the most religiously tolerant place in the UK. There is a very good mix of cultures in Nottingham and religious friendship and toleration is plentiful.

Cllr Pat Ferguson, on the right, has attacked residents over 'blasphemy'.

However, this is not the case with Clifton North Labour councillor Pat Ferguson. Cllr Ferguson was elected earlier this year in a by-election after sadly just beating the Conservative Andrew Rule by about 100 votes. Unfortunately for her, and Nottingham's title of being the most religiously tolerant place in the country, she has said that she will not tolerate any 'blasphemy' by residents of Clifton on their Facebook group. Cllr Ferguson has said "When some residents are blaspheming, using the JC names as an expletive, I am flippant."

#ThingsElliottSays has actually been emailed this by residents of Clifton who are not very happy with Cllr Pat Ferguson's personal attacks on her constituents, arguments, stealing other people's ideas (including the Conservative Clifton North councillors), and posting constantly and at length about things that are not very relevant on the Clifton Facebook group. Here are some of the Resident's comments about Pat below:

Members of Nottingham Labour and multiple Nottingham University Labourites (including senior ex-committee members) have also spoken to #ThingsElliottSays before about Cllr Ferguson. They have described her as 'erratic', 'constantly posting on Facebook', 'not very constructive' and 'not an ideal choice as councillor'. It seems religious intolerance is not Cllr Ferguson's only problems at the moment. Will she get re-elected in 2015?

Lillian Greenwood MP with the intolerant and 'erratic' Cllr Pat Ferguson. Photo courtesy of Cllr Michael Edward's Blog.

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