Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Exclusive: YI In Conference Chaos

A week after #ThingsElliottSays revealed that UKIP members had said the YI conference was 'sinister', the organisation has gone into chaos. According to a #ThingsElliottSays source major speakers have been pulling out left right and centre. But was this because of the last article or Duffin's 'sinister' attempt to bully and grab power?

'Sinister' Duffin presiding over a conference in chaos.

A source called 'notnigel farage' has come to #ThingsElliottSays. 'Notnigel' has "heard leading figures who really dislike Jack, including those right at the top of the party, have decided to pull out from speaking at YI conference." This has been backed up by a Facebook post where Duffin admits there will be a "new list out tomorrow, a few people have pulled out."

It seems that even though there were gaps in the previous YI conference schedule major Kippers (presumably including MEPs) are about to open up huge chasms in the agenda by pulling out. Also the new updated list has yet to go up.

What will they fill the gaps with? #ThingsElliottSays' money is on Duffin giving a speech on rigging elections or maybe a lecture by Cllr Samuel Fletcher on 'why women's personal areas are like mushrooms'. I'm sure YI members are frilled to be attending a conference where all the major speakers have left.

'Notnigel' has also told #ThingsElliottSays "Colonel Gaduffin* [is] in the s*#t" with senior UKIP members for not being able to organise a conference, despite being paid by the party, and YI members as their conference is going to be a damp squib. Maybe #ThingsElliottSays turning up under a pseudonym would liven it up?

Will Nigel get rid of Duffin? The NEC (which is firmly under his control) rigged the YI election for Duffin.

*This is by far the best name I have heard for Jack Duffin.


  1. Sounds like a lucky escape for the young people. All that red-faced shouting was never going to be good for their ears.

  2. As you probably know, Colonel Gaduffin doesn't get paid for his work.