Tuesday, 8 July 2014

BBC At The QMC Talking About 'The Hosiptal Car Parking Rip Off'

The BBC daily Politics were today talking about the 'Hospital Car Parking Rip Off' launched by Conservative MP Robert Halfon. I'm a big supporter of this campaign and would advise you to sign the petition to stop hospital car parking charges in England.

Rob Halfon speaking in his fantastic 'mustard' suit in Parliament.

They also went to Nottingham to talk to users of the QMC car park about whether they though Hospitals should charge for parking. They went to QMC specifically because it is one of the worst offenders when it comes charging high rates for parking. If you are ill or going to see an ill person you need to pay £4 for the first hour of parking at the QMC. I think this is a bit of a disgrace really. We should not be stealth taxing the sick and the families of the sick.

The QMC should not charge £4 for the first hour just to park

I have wrote about my full thoughts on the 'Hospital Car Parking Rip Off' here.

 I would again urge you to support Rob's campaign here.

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  1. People who can afford a car should not be subsidised by those who do not. Parking charges are therefore OK providing the do no more than cover the capital and operational costs of providing the service. They should not be a proft centre used to fund other aspects of the hospital's operation.