Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Exclusive: SJ 'Attempted To Block RoadTrip2015' & 'Has Failed To Decenratlise'

National Chairman Deputy (Membership) for CF, Sarah Jane Sewell, has today been criticised by a top CFer close to the national executive because she 'attempted to block grassroots campaigns like RoadTrip2015'. #ThingsElliottSays has also been approached by CFer's who say SJ has broken her promise to decentralise.

#ThingsElliottSays has been told by a top CF'er close to the national executive that "Sarah Jane had promised to deliver campaign events across the country, she hasn't delivered on this. Not only that she's attempted to block grassroots campaigns like RoadTrip2015 from taking place, accusing their campaigning of being too aggressive. Can we carry on like this?"

Top CFer: "she's attempted to block grassroots campaigns like RoadTrip2015"

CF members have also contacted #ThingsElliottSays about how they are unhappy with Sarah Jane's inability to decentralise CF. One CFer from the East Midlands, where Sarah Jane started out in politics, has told #ThingsElliottSays "National CF has not organised any events outside of London whilst SJ has been incharge of organising them. I haven't seen her at all in the East Midlands for over a year. She has failed to decentralise CF from London.."

Source: "She has failed to decentralise from London"

SJ pledged in her manifesto in order to become Deputy Chairman (Membership) that she would "Decentralise From London To Provide Fairer Opportunities For All". She went into greater detail by saying "More national events should be held throughout the country to allow members to attend for whom London isn’t readily accessible. Working closely with Regional and Area Chairman, we will help to find ideal locations for training, fun, social and social action projects to allow more members to be active nationally."

Sarah Jane also made similar commitments when she signed 'A Conservative and Unionist Pledge' to get herself elected. In it she agreed to "Work to assist members with organising social and training events across the country."

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