Tuesday, 22 July 2014

RoadTrip2015 Pushes Conservatives Ahead In Great Yarmouth

Lord Ashcroft has released his marginal poll and it shows that the Conservatives are winning in the seat of Great Yarmouth. The Conservatives have finally overtaken Labour in this key marginal seat with 33% of the vote. UKIP is close behind on 31%. Labour has fallen to 28%. The Lib Dems are doing almost as badly as the Greens on 3%, I'm sure Cleggers is very happy.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the Road Trip to Great Yarmouth? A few weeks ago over one hundred Tory activists went to help Brandon Lewis MP get elected. They came into contact with 20,000 households through canvassing and delivering leaflets. 

Road Trip is a grass roots phenomenon which has attracted hundreds of activists to make notable increases in Conservative support in parliamentary constituencies. It is well worth being a part of. I wonder what polls will show in Croydon Central and Portsmouth South?

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