Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Breaking News: Michael Gove Goes On RoadTrip215

It's official, Michael Gove, the bringer of good education for millions up and down the country, will be attending the next RoadTrip2015 to Portsmouth South. Gove will be joining in the fight to win the seat for the Conservatives and combat the sleazy ex-Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock. The locals want him out and they want a by-election. The Tory big wigs have been very impressed by RoadTrip2015 and the ability to take 100 or more activists to different corners of the country to campaign, eat curry and then drink a bar clean of beer. This is the way to campaign for sure.

The Road Trip is a great thing to get involved with and it's highly recommended by #ThingsElliottSays. You can join the event to Portsmouth South here but hurry there is not very long left to do so.

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