Wednesday, 23 July 2014

#TubeTrip2015 in Croydon

Yet again an army of Conservative activists came together over the weekend to spread the Conservative message to Croydon, hopefully we used 'long term economic plan' enough to please Mr Crosby. 105 Tory activists went to help Gavin Barwell in Croydon Central with the promise of a free bar, free curry and a great party atmosphere. This time however it was for the new sister organisation of RoadTrip2015, Tube Trip.

Tube Trip is designed to get those London CFers who dare not leave zone 1 out and about helping in marginal seats across the capital. So everyone got prepared for the train journey.

Even Gavin Barwell MP got some twitter action as he was welcoming us at East Croydon Station.

And so the first session began.

We then went back for our first break with biscuits and nice cooling coke, it was very hot. It was at this point we were joined by the Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling. So of course there were selfies galore.

Even Gavin Barwell got in on the action, sort of.

After some light refreshments we got the all important picture to scare the Lefties.

Then Chris Grayling gave a speech, thank god he allowed us to go into the shade.

And then it was off again to canvass the good people of Croydon.

And so to the free bar, free curry and partying afterwards.

But there was one last score to settle. Yes Mr Hoffman, Sam Armstrong is now the only person to have gone on all the Road Trips. Sam is king.

Oliver Cooper found out that Labour had a great response to RoadTrip2015 as well.

I really enjoy RoadTrips. I very much look forward to them every time. I must thank the Tube Trip team a lot, especially Luke Springthorpe who was the head honcho of the night. I hope you come join us  next time wherever we go.

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