Thursday, 3 July 2014

Labour Offering An EU Referendum Is 'Silly' - Ed Balls

Ed Balls has come out of the wood work today to say Labour offering an EU referendum is 'silly'. Is it just me or is this guy actually deliberately trying to lose votes?

This comes after Len McCluskey has said Labour should offer an EU referendum or risk being 'boxed in' during the 2015 election campaign. For once I agree with Len. Over half of the British people want a referendum on Europe and in a close General Election race this could prove decisive. Labour may also start to win some of their voters back, they have as big a problem with UKIP as the Conservatives in many marginal seats leave alone socialist heartlands like Rotheram where UKIP won a huge amount of council seats this year.

For once I agree with Len.
There is also a risk that Labour could be the only party not offering an EU referendum at the next General Election. The Conservatives, UKIP and many minor parties will for sure, but rumours in Lib Dem HQ are that they will offer a referendum too.* In the end Len may force Labour's hand; he is bank rolling their whole General Election campaign after all. Of course this would make Ed Balls' comments look even more 'silly'.

Own Goal by not backing a referendum on the EU.

One other question that needs answering is why is Ed Balls, as Shadow Chancellor, in Labour's 'economic week', talking about an EU referendum? Is that really on topic? Ed Balls should be talking about you know the economy. Perhaps it is that Labour has got nothing to say on Economy and must resort to following the Conservatives in only talking about their policies? This seems most likely. At least we know one thing, it's one great Balls up.

*Not that anyone will believe them after they have already under Cleggers promised a referendum and deliberately broke that in government.

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