Sunday, 13 July 2014

Labour Responds To Road Trip 2015

The Labour Party have now begun to respond to the grass roots movement of Road Trip 2015. They have been organising national campaign days for Young Labour and Labour Students on the same day as Road Trips. This was the view yesterday with the Conservatives in Portsmouth and Labour in Broxtowe (next door to Nottingham South).

Photo courtesy of Colonel Cooper.

135 Conservatives in Portsmouth and 22 Labourites in Broxtowe. Labour's campaign days are going really well. But will Road Trip win the Conservatives a majority?


  1. No is the answer. In Portsmouth We (ukip) have rode the abuse and lies and the electorate are not happy with the smears. UKIP will be the winner again in Portsmouth.
    Labour = lies, bullies and insults.
    Lib dems = lies, bullies and sexual predators.
    Tories. = will do ok. With donna.
    Ukip = honesty, integrity and human.
    We will win for 3 reasons.

    1) the only anti EU party.
    2) the only party that listens to its voters.
    3) because labour and lib dems are not to be trusted.

  2. UKIP are bonkers. Their "constantly furious" demographic is vanishing. Farage might win a seat next year on celebrity alone - though I doubt it. If so, he'll be the only one.