Thursday, 31 July 2014

Exclusive: #ThingsKudeSays

#ThingsElliottSays has done an interview Charlotte Kude who is running to be London CF Chairman. Charlotte is a well respected and currently North West London CF Chairman.

1) How do you think the campaign is going at the moment? 
I must say I am very happy with the way the campaign is going at the moment; all candidates seem to be behaving rather professionally, at least compared to campaigns in previous years. 

2) Do you have any special plans for your campaign in the future?
Our current interim London CF Chairman Thomas Borwick is planning to host an informal hustings, with the date soon to be confirmed. I intend to meet as many London CFers as possible until the end of the campaign to make sure everyone's concerns are understood, and I certainly don't exclude a thank you party if I'm fortunate enough to win this election! 

Charlotte with the new Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan MP.

3) What is the number one thing you would do if elected as London CF Chair? 
If elected, the priority would be to surround myself with the best possible team. I want a more organised and efficient executive, able to meet the challenge of a general elections campaign. But equally I also want it to be representative of CF in London, which means including members from all areas and backgrounds, both students as well as young professionals. 

4) If elected how will you prepare CF for the General Election in London? 
We need to make sure everyone is included in the process and involve students, parliamentary researchers and other young professionals in the campaign. Ten months is a very short period of time to make a difference in a general election which is why we will have to make good use of all possible resources we can have to support our target seats. Big campaign days will be organised in these key marginals, and relevant training provided. But it's also important that everyone feels rewarded for their hard work with some opportunities to relax and network, so socialising will definitely play a key part in winning the elections.

5) What campaigning experience do you have? 
Campaigning is definitely my main strength as a candidate. I've both organised myself and taken part in a great number of action days across the country, focusing primarily on target constituencies or those in need of more help. In my role as Chairman of North-West London CF I regularly support various MPs and parliamentary candidates in 40/40 London seats such as Hampstead & Kilburn, Sutton & Cheam or Brentford & Isleworth. More recently, as a Roadtrip2015 coordinator, I also helped organise a big campaign day in Enfield North, which was attended by over 130 activists as well as multiple other road trips around the country.

Thanks Charlotte.

Dave taking a much better selfie that usual with Kude.

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