Thursday, 16 May 2013

One of the Best MPs in Parliament

I'm going to do another Biography in response to me decrying Sarah Teather MP as possibly the worst MP in Parliament (see However, this one is a good recommendation of John Hayes MP for South Holland the Deepings, who as it happens is my next door MP. I'm doing this because he will be present at tonight's world famous NUCA Dinner as NUCA's Life President.

So what is so good about John Hayes. Well for starters he doesn't like the wind turbines. As energy minster he spoke out against government policy of subsiding this awful energy source. Wind turbines are bringing fuel poverty to thousands. Wind Turbines are so inefficient that electricity from them costs five times more than it would do if the energy was produced by a coal or gas power station. South Holland is full of these damn things and John Hayes has been a great supporter of FENRATS, a local wind farm pressure group, to save the British countryside and people.

John Hayes is also now in Number 10 advising Dave what to do. Because of him Dave is adopting a Conservative stance on issues from petrol prices to Europe. John Hayes has never been shy to say how bad Europe is, as most NUCA members will tell you from the last dinner he was at.

Now as a personal reason John Hayes helped us win the Spalding Grammar School mock election in 2010. At school I was a candidate for the Conservative Party in a mock election and we won by a landslide. John helped us by doing a speech on why students should vote for us at a whole school assembly. My personal thanks go to him for the help. I can also say from this experience and meeting him at other times that he is a genuinely nice person who cares about individuals in his constituency. People in South Holland and the Deepings keep voting for John Hayes.

Embarrassing copy of our posters to get me elected in 2010.

So that's John Hayes, one of the best MPs in parliament. He is in my top 10 MPs at least. 


  1. I'm struggling to comprehend how you could be more wrong.

  2. Oh you're so unfair. This is #thingselliottsays so is my opinion. You should put forward who you think is probably one of the best MPs in parliament.

  3. John Hayes is a total numpty. Only there for a free meal. Arrogant pratt.
    he hates gay marraige - stupid attitude, get with the 21st century and listen to your constituents and his hate of wind turbines is a joke - ok John, when the oil and gas runs out or becomes so expensive then what will we do?

  4. Also before you ask me who I think is good, I will say Bill Newton Dunn as an MEP, a former Conservative. Compare him to the now UKIP, but until recently Tory Roger Helmer and you will see how our politicians should behave and go about their business. I guess you like old Roger though, a bit like Hayes, but more of a pillock.

  5. I've met him personally as a quasi constituent and as a Conservative on many occasions and he was polite and helpful. On gay marriage I do not agree with him, but he is honest and is clear why he doesn't like it. Energy wise we have about 700 years of shale gas, by then we will have new energy sources. I do not really like Roger Helmer, he defected and like most Ukipers in the EU does very little.