Friday, 10 May 2013


So last night was the NUCA AGM where we got together to vote on the new officers. I stood as Treasurer but to cut a long story short I didn't win :-( . At least the next best person in my opinion did so and that was Alex Bright.

Here are the candidates for the positions (Ronald Reagan is R.O.N. (Re-Open Nominations):

President: JennyWhoJenny, Ronald Reagan

Vice President: the Shah of Iran (Shoaib), Sgt Major Billingham (Jamie), Ronald Reagan

Treasuerer: #ThingsElliottSays, Brighty (Alex), Ronald Reagan

Gen Sec: Henry 'pork scratchings' Lougher, Ronald Reagan

Publicity: Andy Philips (inventor of the screwdriver), Anastasia Romanov, Ms Union Flag (Lisa), Ronald Reagan

There was no stupid STV, AV, PR, Liberal Democrat fix nonsense just plain one man one vote. No2AV. 

So what happened. Let's do the whole story aided by Twitter once again.

Jenny gave the annual accounts report that lasted about 30 seconds. Alex was not happy.

Alex also announced how unhappy he was when he heard that only Jenny was standing for President. Beth from Labour would have made a better President in his opinion.

People were really looking forward to the speeches and results even from outside NUCA. Stephen Canning was watching in. Stephen and I both live in the East, and as a current member of the Eastern Region Executive I have experience that may help him if chosen to be Eastern Chair. Hint, Hint Stephen. 

We started late, for some reason. Maybe we were waiting for the peeps from Trent who never showed up.

So first the race for Publicity started and not much happened, on twitter at least, except we slated the incumbent Jack Walker. 

 Also at this time lots of Cameronite buzz words were being dropped, including the nasty party one. #Shame for quoting Dave.

Luc was internationally shunned by all, except Andy and I, yesterday for talking about campaigning constantly. He asked the questioned every time. Let's go Campaign NUCA.

Then It was my turn, with the speeches for Treasurer taking place. I was highly recommended last night for my Policies.

Luc was also a big fan of my speech.

That's just hyperbole Luc. It was only 8. But although people said my speech was very funny, for me the funniest election speech was for that of Vice President because of Shoaib saying some very suggestive things. Shoaib wanted an events (naked) calendar and promised to help 'break in the freshers' next year. 

Shoaib also couldn't stand still and was seemingly wandering across the room in a very exaggerated style of Dave. He should have rolled up his sleeves too. 

A question which was often asked was then given. Who would you replace Dave with as Prime Minister? The best answer by far was Jamie's, who said William Hague. The only HS2 I'll support. A safe but sound position. Everyone else said Boris! What! I think Boris is competent but he is a totally populist politician and would devalue our party.

Jenny then spoke in her election for President. She had quite a hefty Ronald Reagan Rebellion with 11 votes, although if I remember rightly she did say to me once that she would never vote for herself and so would R.O.N. it. Jenny also said she didn't like the Tory Boy image, funnily enough one of her most used phrases though is Yah.

But just before the Results were announced there was a News Flash from Alex.


 So the Results were then announced and this is the new committee:

President: Jenny

Vice Chairman: Jamie

Treasurer: Alex

General Secretary: Henry

Publicity: Andy

The New Committee

So that's the report of the AGM. I wish the committee well, I think they'll do a good job. It's good to see that everyone reads my Blog in NUCA as they were all asking to feature in some way.


Jenny says she doesn't use 'Yah' that much, but she hasn't heard herself.

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