Thursday, 16 May 2013

Steve Barclay MP Backs EU Referendum

I am pleased to announce that yesterday my MP, Steve Barclay, for North East Cambridgeshire backed the motion calling for a referendum on EU membership.

Steve Barclay MP was pulling pints before Nigel Farage strapped one to his hand.

Steve has realised with 115 other Tory MPs that the people of this country deserve to have a say on the EU. Steve has made a good decision because our European membership needs to be debated and reformed at the very least.

Personally I am for leaving the European Union with the majority of the British people. But at the very least the British people should have a reformed EU and a proper debate about whether this is enough. A referendum will allow this. I can't wait till the Bill is introduced to Parliament by James Wharton MP, who is also a CF member.

Well done Steve for backing the motion; if you want to see what he says see If you want to see if your MP also voted with Steve see

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