Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Crunch Time

Today the EU Referendum Bill has been published today. The Majority of the Conservative Party, including many Cabinet Ministers, were going to vote for the Queen's Speech amendment against Dave's wishes. He had to do something and he made the right decision.

So what does the future lie in store. Douglas Carswell today said that all he wanted from David Cameron is an acceptable situation; where Carswell could say to the PM 'that will do'. The moment this Bill gets brought forward there is virtually irrefutable proof that the Conservative Party wants a referendum on the EU. Some MPs like Ken Clarke will vote against this Bill because they still secretly want us to join the Euro, but I would think over 95% of the Party will back it.

'That'll do, Prime Minister. That'll do.'

But is this Bill enough? Well it promises the referendum in 2017, yet the majority of opinion wants it just before 2015 or on the election day itself. Personally I think just before will be better because, despite the money saved if it is on the same day of the General Election, it will be very hard for people to concentrate well enough on two major campaigns on one day. I thus personally think some MPs will still push forward with the 2015 plan and try with amendments to get it in, a sizeable number will sign up to this but not the majority of the Party. 

The main question is will this Bill get through in this parliament? I think taht because of the electoral pressure currently on the Lib Dems they will allow government time to be used for the Bill. However, the Lib Dems will not support the Bill itself, despite being the only party that promised it in 2010*.

The Lib Dems are Liars. Cleggers should be ashamed.

However, the big question is will Red Ed back the referendum? He may have to even if he doesn't support it. He'd be on the wrong side of history and he must know that. A few Labour MPs will  back the Bill anyway and Red Ed could offer a free vote on the matter. But I think he will be indecisive, which may pan out worse than not backing the Bill.

As a last word Tory MPs, make sure you back this Bill. 

Crunch Time for Red Ed on Europe. If he makes the Wrong decision it could be over for him.

*They're great at keeping promises these Liberals, they give decent politicians a bad name.

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